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Hair Worries

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Hello Ladies

I was watching friends the other night and it was the one where they went to Hawaii and Monicaâ€s hair went frizz crazy...

No wI have crazy hair, itâ€s kind of curly and wavy I wouldnâ€t say its super frizzy but it has its moments.

Any who my question is how was your hair in the humidity? ? ? ?

Or did the humidity even matter? ? ? ?

I think my hair is either going to go crazy or go straight...

Hopefully it will be somewhere in between.

Also what kinds of hair products did you take? ? ?

Thanks ladies!!!

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I have shorter hair now and was thinking of using one of the Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions for the wedding. Its synthetic so it resists heat and humidity (woohoo!)


However, when I had longer hair and was in the Caribbean 2 years ago silicone serum was my friend!! I believe the product was called "Sleek" and i *think* it was made by matrix??


ahhh yes...here it is: Matrix - Hair Products - Sleek.look - Sealing Serum

Its quite light and you only need the tiniest dab, so it lasts you a reeeallly long time!!


If you need something a little heavier, Aveda makes a really nice anti-humectant Aveda - products that nurture. hair care. styling. brilliant anti-humectant pomade


Hope this helps :)

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