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FI wants to see my dress!?!?

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I actually would love to show FI as well.. but he doesn't want to see. What I did do, is figure out a way around it - and you can do this too.

I showed him a bunch of dresses that I liked to see what he thought; then when I bought mine I already knew what he thought about it - but he doesn't know which one I chose.

Maybe try that, show him a bunch of dresses and tell him that you chose one of them (and they always look sooo different on the strange and freakishly thin models anyway).

Then, make sure your dress is well hidden!

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No Way! Like some of the other girls said not because of the luck factor but just because it will be one of the biggest take-his-breath-away moments in his life! I'm sure he really doesn't want to miss that moment (remind him of that).


At least he's up front about it...I can completely see my FI saying "No I don't want to see it" but I know better - he is the BIGGEST snooper I have ever met!

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