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Does Anyone Know When We Can Start Booking Moon Palace Weddings For 2010?

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Hey girlies


Just wondering if anyone who, this time last year (or previous years! cheesy.gif), has booked their wedding direct with moon palace, knows when they start taking bookings for the next next year? I know that the 2010 dates should be going up in january - but just don't know when - anyone know?


Thanks cheesy.gif



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hey, if we wait to book the wedding with the TA, we would need to wait til april before we could make the booking, then wait for them to get back to us to confirm which date we get. Instead, we are going to book the wedding direct with MP, we are only going for the free package anyway (then add bits on). Then in april we will book the hotel and flights with a TA. There are 30+ ppl going, so we are going to go between all the TA's and see who can give us the best price as block booking.


What are you doing? I see from your profile you are a 2009 MP bride from the UK - so exciting?!



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I Booked my wedding/holiday last year feb at the national wedding show in London with virgin holidays. We recieved a discount off our holiday to the moon palace and to barbados. We are travelling to the moon palace for a week then fly straight to barbados after for our honeymoon for the other week.


We choose our wedding date but they asked us to choose 2 dates just incase. So we choose a thursday and friday during the school holidays.


After choosing our dates they could'nt confirm anything untill may i think or July. But we knew it would be one of the dates we choose. Also they ask you to choose a time. I don't rember choosing a time and when the confirmation came through they said it was a 2 o'clock wedding but I changed it with the moon palace and virgin to 4 o'clock.


Once we booked I contacted the resort direct through e-mails, I first of all filled out a form on their website then thats how they got in contact with me. Then I have been e-mailing them with everything I want.


We have a cocktail party booked and a private reception. I booked this all through the resort.


This is my schedule


July 28th Welcome dinner 7:00pm to 09:00pm 35 ppl. Arrecifes Restaurant. (included on your package)


July 30th Wedding Ceremony 04:00pm Gazebo


July 30th Wedding Cocktail 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm garden area for a max of 70 people


July 30th Wedding Dinner 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm. indoor ballroom for a max of 70 people


All booked and confimed with the moon palace.



I booked all my guests with thomson in april as soon as their prices came out.

so far we have 35 people booked with thomson staying for 11 nights.


For 1 adult it is £1551


For 1 Child it is £785


The prices have now gone up a lot to £1980 for an adult with thomson and the child is over a thousand. So it is a good thing most of my guests have booked.


We had sent out our invites in march without recieving confirmation of our wedding date.......... a few months later we then found out our wedding date which was the same dat we put in our invites.


Whats your plans?

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waw you must be soo excited - i'm excited reading your plans...i can't wait til i can say all that 100% sure its all in order!


We've been planning this for a while, and I'm really organised, so really its just the waiting game for everything now.


We are defo going to book the wedding direct with MP...as we can do that next month some time. To suprise our direct family of our wedding, we got message in a bottle invites made from hanson and ellis...they cost a fortune because we are in the uk, postage was a b%$tch but well worth it, got the wow factor we were looking for. This was back at the beginning of the year, and most of our plans have changed since then! so we are waiting to get the date and time confirmed before getting more of the bottles made up and printing off our save the dates. The plan is:


January - book and get confirmed our date and time

- book photographer - we are booking an outsider vendor for this

- start printing off our save the dates...we are giving these out in feb/mar...and

asking ppl to give us rough numbers so we can go to the TA's in april armed

with as much info as possible - did you get a discount for block booking?


We are getting personalised favours, but dying to start buying them, so again, once the date and time are confirmed, i'll probably start ordering them in january too.


We all plan on flying out together, on the monday hopefully, then we are going to book a sunset cruise for everyone for the welcome dinner, then we are hopefully getting married on the friday in a gazebo, then have cocktail hour, then outdoor reception til 10. not going to organise anything for after 10, i know some ppl organise buses to go into cancun, but i don't imagine i will be bothered doing that, its going to be a long day! we'll all just head into one of the hotel bars and carry on from then!


I'm soo jealous of you flying out to Barbados - that sounds like an absolute dream! i had suggested us flying to florida or la, but h2b wasn't into that idea, so just going to move to a different hotel in cancun for the 2nd week!


I know, i haven't looked in the prices for a while, but they have really jumped since i started looking into it, i'm hoping by april prices will have magically came down due to the financial situations just now. Makes you kinda scared to book a holiday a year in advance....suppose thats what wedding/travel insurance is for!


So have you got your dress all organised? I'm only at the stage of looking online at the moment, like most ppl, want to loose some weight for those all important pictures....so probably won't buy anything til summer time. I was looking online at maggie dresses last night, sooo wish i could order one over from the states....the savings are crazy!

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I am very excited, I have only 7 months and 3 days to go................I can't wait.


We fly out the monday and are guests fly out the tuesday. So we are having are welcome dinner on the tuesday. Have you looked into how much the sunset crusie is going to cost you?


By doing a group booking we saved about £100 off per person of the internet price and maybe £100 plus off the child price. How thomson and first choice do it charge the first child one price and the second another. i think it was 1st child £900 and second £1200 for 11 nights. But we got all the child prices the same £785. which was very good.


I have booked an outside photographer for our wedding and our Trash the dress shoot her name is lidya Solemidt this is the link to her blog it shows a wedding she did at the moon palace for an English couple Lidya Solemidt.


I am using the resort photographer for our welcome dinner.


I did a lot of looking online for dresses. I even created a scrap book with all the dresses I liked from the maggie collection and the essance of austraila collection. I then phoned a few local bridal shops to see if they had maggie samples in the styles that I wanted. The dress that I have chosen is a maggie dress called Jovi. This is the link to my dress Jovi - by Maggie Sottero


I just love it so much. I tried it on in August the sample size but it was far too small. They only stock small maggie sample sizes in the bridal shop near me. I managed top get into the dress but it could'nt do up. But I managedd to see what it would look like on me. I orederd the dress in October but they said they can send of my actuall measurements the end of jan to give me time to loose a little more weight. So the end of jan I am going back to the shop for them to take my measurements and send of my size then the dress will actually arrive 6 weeks before the wedding in the size that they order. the shop will then do alterations once the dress arrives.


I have about 5 stones too loose before my wedding well maybe 3 and half. I would actually like to loose the 5 though. I want to try and loose a stone before I go back to the shop to get measured.


I have orderd my bridesmaid dresses They are rapberry colour they are by Kelsey Rose this is the link it is the 2nd on the left she it is the one standing behind the lady who is sitting down, its the unusal colour pink. Shropshire Brides UK - Short and Sassy, Kelsey Rose, Bridesmaids


I have also ordered my flower girl dresses which by Kelsey rose here is the link I am getting the rapberry sash to go with the dress Shropshire Brides UK - 14562, Kelsey Rose, Bridesmaids.


I am am having 4 adult bridesmaids one junior and 2 flower girls and 4 groomsmen and a paige boy.


HB2B is wearing this ivory suit it is the same colour as my dress and the paige boy is also wearing this suit, here is the link Anthony Formalwear - Suits


The groomsmen are wear silver suits here is the link Anthony Formalwear - Suits.


I have bought this butterfly dreams collection in the pink here is the link Weddingstar United States: Butterfly Dreams Collection

So I have all the items of this collection.



I am planning on ordering my bridesmaid flowers from here. I had orderd a sample first to see what they would look like and I am happy with them. They are silk flowers here is the link Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Ivory Rose Diamante Butterfly Bouquet - Silk Wedding Flowers - Silk Wedding Designs


My flowers and HB2B are going to be from the resort. I am going to have the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses for my flowers.


I havn't choosen my shoe or tiara yet.



I just realised that you are a year younger than me, How long have you and HB2B been together. I have been with HB2B for 9 years.

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waw you sound very organised! i'm going to have a wee look at your photographer...thinking we are going with claudia rodriquez or elizabeth medina...we'll just need to see who is available for us! we are only having one bridesmaid, one best man, one flowergirl...and a ring bearer...very small and low key for us...less stress hopefully!


I've looked into the sunset cruise, and its working out about $52 per person...quite alot of money, but its the first wedding abroad for our families, so i really want it to be different!


I know what you mean about wedding diets...i'm going to start in the new year, and given myself the year and a half to lose 2 stone max. I used to love going to the gym, just had a bad year this year, but its always the first part thats hardest...and its worse at this time of year, the gyms are always really busy with everyone starting their new years resolutions. But, needs to be done! We are pigging our faces until the 31st tho!lol


I've been with my h2b for almost 7 years now, had always thought we'd have a 2012 wedding to celebrate 10 years together, but we've been engaged a long time now, and it just felt right to do it now!


what you going to do for your hen? i'm still not sure...keep having different ideas...i'll decide nearer the time, but thinking i defo want to get out of scotland for the weekend!lol

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Those photographers was booked up for my wedding date.


I have been doing kickboxing for nearly a year now and I love it, I go twice a week. I have done 3 gradings so i am now 2nd blue belt. I also go trampolinig once a week. I am going to start weight training at work in jan 3 times a week. On the 5th jan starting my diet....so going to pig out until then ....lol.


I am thinking of having a hen night in Mexico and one over here for the people who can't make it. I think I will leave that to my bridesmaids the one over here.


Ive never been scotland before and I would love to go.


How did you find out about the sunset cruise?


Do you know how you change your age on this site......its go me down as 28 and I am 26 lol.


Have you seen any dresses that you like on websites?

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You would need to contact one of admin to change your DOB - but if you go up to "user cp" at the top left hand side, then into "edit your details", you can change the option to hide your DOB on your profile until admin have fixed it for you!


I found out about the sunset cruise on here actually - i swear this website is destination brides bible!lol if you do a search i'm sure many will come up, they seem to be really popular.


I've seen sooo many dresses online, got lots saved on desktop so i don't forget what designer they were!lol but i'm not going into the shops until i've lost probably a stone....i don't think there is any point because my shape will change and then dresses will look different....i'm lucky because i've got soo much time on my hands! At the moment i'm stuck between some maggie dresses and a pronovias dress....i also love suzanne neville dresses but thinking her's are wayyy to much out my price limit!


We are also doing the ttd, so don't want to spend too much on my dress. Your photographer looks great, and its always reassuring when they have shot at the same resort as you before. When did you start trying to book photographers? I'd be gutted if they were both booked up this early on! Don't know what i'd do!lol


Kickboxing eh? I would actually like to give that a try, h2b would too.


I'm dreading starting my diet, but I suppose it needs to be done!

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For my trash the dress pics I am going to get a destination wedding dress. I have seen one or 2 that I like by forver yours.


I started a few months ago trying to book photgraphers but most of them was booked up. I booked my photographer about 2 weeks ago.


I am also dreading starting my diet.......I hate dieting. lol. But its got to be done.

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