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  1. Wow!! Your pics are amazing. And you both look so happy. Congratulations
  2. For my trash the dress pics I am going to get a destination wedding dress. I have seen one or 2 that I like by forver yours. I started a few months ago trying to book photgraphers but most of them was booked up. I booked my photographer about 2 weeks ago. I am also dreading starting my diet.......I hate dieting. lol. But its got to be done.
  3. Those photographers was booked up for my wedding date. I have been doing kickboxing for nearly a year now and I love it, I go twice a week. I have done 3 gradings so i am now 2nd blue belt. I also go trampolinig once a week. I am going to start weight training at work in jan 3 times a week. On the 5th jan starting my diet....so going to pig out until then ....lol. I am thinking of having a hen night in Mexico and one over here for the people who can't make it. I think I will leave that to my bridesmaids the one over here. Ive never been scotland before and I would love to go. How did you find out about the sunset cruise? Do you know how you change your age on this site......its go me down as 28 and I am 26 lol. Have you seen any dresses that you like on websites?
  4. Hi I am very excited, I have only 7 months and 3 days to go................I can't wait. We fly out the monday and are guests fly out the tuesday. So we are having are welcome dinner on the tuesday. Have you looked into how much the sunset crusie is going to cost you? By doing a group booking we saved about £100 off per person of the internet price and maybe £100 plus off the child price. How thomson and first choice do it charge the first child one price and the second another. i think it was 1st child £900 and second £1200 for 11 nights. But we got all the child prices the same £785. which was very good. I have booked an outside photographer for our wedding and our Trash the dress shoot her name is lidya Solemidt this is the link to her blog it shows a wedding she did at the moon palace for an English couple Lidya Solemidt. I am using the resort photographer for our welcome dinner. I did a lot of looking online for dresses. I even created a scrap book with all the dresses I liked from the maggie collection and the essance of austraila collection. I then phoned a few local bridal shops to see if they had maggie samples in the styles that I wanted. The dress that I have chosen is a maggie dress called Jovi. This is the link to my dress Jovi - by Maggie Sottero I just love it so much. I tried it on in August the sample size but it was far too small. They only stock small maggie sample sizes in the bridal shop near me. I managed top get into the dress but it could'nt do up. But I managedd to see what it would look like on me. I orederd the dress in October but they said they can send of my actuall measurements the end of jan to give me time to loose a little more weight. So the end of jan I am going back to the shop for them to take my measurements and send of my size then the dress will actually arrive 6 weeks before the wedding in the size that they order. the shop will then do alterations once the dress arrives. I have about 5 stones too loose before my wedding well maybe 3 and half. I would actually like to loose the 5 though. I want to try and loose a stone before I go back to the shop to get measured. I have orderd my bridesmaid dresses They are rapberry colour they are by Kelsey Rose this is the link it is the 2nd on the left she it is the one standing behind the lady who is sitting down, its the unusal colour pink. Shropshire Brides UK - Short and Sassy, Kelsey Rose, Bridesmaids I have also ordered my flower girl dresses which by Kelsey rose here is the link I am getting the rapberry sash to go with the dress Shropshire Brides UK - 14562, Kelsey Rose, Bridesmaids. I am am having 4 adult bridesmaids one junior and 2 flower girls and 4 groomsmen and a paige boy. HB2B is wearing this ivory suit it is the same colour as my dress and the paige boy is also wearing this suit, here is the link Anthony Formalwear - Suits The groomsmen are wear silver suits here is the link Anthony Formalwear - Suits. I have bought this butterfly dreams collection in the pink here is the link Weddingstar United States: Butterfly Dreams Collection So I have all the items of this collection. I am planning on ordering my bridesmaid flowers from here. I had orderd a sample first to see what they would look like and I am happy with them. They are silk flowers here is the link Bridesmaid's Bouquets - Ivory Rose Diamante Butterfly Bouquet - Silk Wedding Flowers - Silk Wedding Designs My flowers and HB2B are going to be from the resort. I am going to have the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses for my flowers. I havn't choosen my shoe or tiara yet. I just realised that you are a year younger than me, How long have you and HB2B been together. I have been with HB2B for 9 years.
  5. Hi I Booked my wedding/holiday last year feb at the national wedding show in London with virgin holidays. We recieved a discount off our holiday to the moon palace and to barbados. We are travelling to the moon palace for a week then fly straight to barbados after for our honeymoon for the other week. We choose our wedding date but they asked us to choose 2 dates just incase. So we choose a thursday and friday during the school holidays. After choosing our dates they could'nt confirm anything untill may i think or July. But we knew it would be one of the dates we choose. Also they ask you to choose a time. I don't rember choosing a time and when the confirmation came through they said it was a 2 o'clock wedding but I changed it with the moon palace and virgin to 4 o'clock. Once we booked I contacted the resort direct through e-mails, I first of all filled out a form on their website then thats how they got in contact with me. Then I have been e-mailing them with everything I want. We have a cocktail party booked and a private reception. I booked this all through the resort. This is my schedule July 28th Welcome dinner 7:00pm to 09:00pm 35 ppl. Arrecifes Restaurant. (included on your package) July 30th Wedding Ceremony 04:00pm Gazebo July 30th Wedding Cocktail 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm garden area for a max of 70 people July 30th Wedding Dinner 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm. indoor ballroom for a max of 70 people All booked and confimed with the moon palace. I booked all my guests with thomson in april as soon as their prices came out. so far we have 35 people booked with thomson staying for 11 nights. For 1 adult it is £1551 For 1 Child it is £785 The prices have now gone up a lot to £1980 for an adult with thomson and the child is over a thousand. So it is a good thing most of my guests have booked. We had sent out our invites in march without recieving confirmation of our wedding date.......... a few months later we then found out our wedding date which was the same dat we put in our invites. Whats your plans?
  6. I think once they have their new prices out for 2010 in jan then you can book. What tour operator are thinking of going with? Do you not want to book the wedding through the tour op?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by tylersgirl Her work is great for the price...I am still trying to decide whether to hire someone or just use our resort photog What is your resort photgrapher like? Have you seen their pictures? and what makes you want to go with an outside photographer?
  8. What kind of different things are you after if you don't mind me asking e.g what sort of things did you add to your package and what package did you choose? I am thinking of going with package 6 or maybe even 7. I have contacted her and she is very quick at getting back to me.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by cJailynda I have actually hired her. We're getting married after you so I don't have any photos. Thus far she is really great to work w/, speedy responses, I asked her to find me a location that is beach w/ a cenote near by and she's been working on it for me. And she has GREAT prices, especially if you do a TTD w/ her. Her TTD shoot is $400 if you book your photography w/ her, or $500 if you just want TTD. Her deposit fee is $250 and she gets your photos back to you within like 8 days. Here's her email: lidya.solemidt@gmail.com She responds very quickly. I don't know how much of her work you've seen but here is her website. Home Lidya Solemidt Photographer She also has a blog you can check out Lidya Solemidt Hi Jailynda, How did you find lidya solemidt, and what made you choose her? I am more than likely going to go with her as I think her work is great.
  10. Hi there, Has any one used or heard of photographer Lidya Solemidt? Her pictures look amazing and her packages are a good price. This is a link to her blog Lidya Solemidt I am getting married at the Moon Palace and would prefer to use an outside photographer for my wedding and TTD pics. Let me know what you think of her pics. Thanks
  11. Hi there I am thinking of using Lidya Solemidt as my wedding and TTD photographer. Her pictures look very nice and her packages are affordable. Her website address is Home Lidya Solemidt Photographer Has anyone her of her before? I found her on this site some where. I am now thinking of using the resort photographer for my welcome dinner. Whats everyone else doing?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by DWandMJ If I hear anything from Mario or can manage to get a hold of his email address, I will send it to you. I do agree on David Pena's style, and I would like to have him photograph ours (the expense of flying someone down or paying to have someone stay at the resort as a guest is beyond our budget). His work appears more polished and almost has an artsy kinda feel. The other samples kinda gave me the impression of the same kind of quality of photos that you would get from a family portrait at Sears. They're nice and all, but they don't insight any kind of emotion. I have to agree with you on that one. As soon as i looked at all the samples his work made me say wow. To me the other samples did'nt impresses me, they looked like amature pictures. Hopefully we can all have him (LOL)
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ErikDaGenErik that is very odd that they don't have any colors! are they expecting you to pay extra how did you choose David Pina as the photographer? Do you have links to his site or samples of his photographs? If you look on this page http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t21569-108 second post down you will see an attachment for photo samples and on one or two of the samples it has Davids pena name. I like his pictures the best. I emailed Maribel and she she said she will put it down on my file.
  14. Hi there, I emailed Maribel requesting the Hot pink standard linen and David pina as the photographer. She e-mailed me back and said that only white table clothes and white napkinks comes as standard linen no other colours. Thats not what the attachment said that I have seen about standard decor on here or that I have been sent by other Moon Palace brides on here. I find it very strange because it had white, sky blue. green and hot pink as standard colours.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Camie78 Hi SunnyBride, I have a document I received from Moon Palace regarding the private function pricing and pictures of the private function sites. I also received a map of the property to help me figure out where the gazebos are in relation to the private function sites, etc. Not sure if you have received anything from Marilyn yet but I wanted to pass these along to you just in case... Let me know if you are unable to open the attachments and I can email them to you. Camie My e-mail address is annouskabryan@hotmail.co.uk I do not have enough points to open the files. Many thanks Annouska
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