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Pick and choose instead of selecting a Wedding Package?

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#1 CassBob09

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    Posted 16 December 2008 - 06:23 PM

    Hi all,

    I was just curious if any of the resorts lets you forego purchasing an entire wedding package and lets you mix/match some of their optional/additional choices that also have prices? For example, the Grand Palladium or Riu have a package for $1800 or so. Well I see the package includes a minister...which we dont need, and a photographer...which we dont need, and a cake....which we wont want since most places have better dessert w/ dinner...etc. So basically if we just want some decorations, a venue with seating, and a sound system...will any of the hotels accomodate that? I cant see paying several thousand dollars for some chairs (that they supply for $4 the price lists say), some flowers, and extra for dinner/drinks in an all-inclusive. We're covering costs ourselves and even buying several guests trips so we need to keep costs low to get everything in...just scared we might not be able to do it.

    Has anyone been able to purchase the seating, sound-systems, decorations and reception dj/music apart from the whole default packages? Any info would be appreciated! We having a difficult time narrowing down a resort...do we do the Palladium, Dreams, Riu....oiy, there's so many more!


    #2 MomentsThatMatter

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      Posted 16 December 2008 - 07:59 PM

      It sounds like to me you want to create more of a personal and intimate package that what the resort offers. I know of a wedding cooridinator that can fit this kind of request. If you want, you can PM me and I can share their information.
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      #3 CassBob09

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        Posted 16 December 2008 - 08:22 PM

        Well, I like what the resorts offer...I just don't need all of it. A reverend will be coming with us, as will a photographer. Some packages include these in it. Additionally the packages say something like "over 10 guests...or over 20 guests there is an additional $45 fee per person." For example:
        "The price quoted includes service for a maximum of 8 persons. Every extra person has a charge of 20 USD"

        Well, here is the package that $1200 buys for 8 people:
        Non denominational minister
        Wedding area decorations (Decorated tables with clothes and covered chairs during the ceremony)
        Bridal bouquet & Groom’s boutonniere
        Flower arrangement for the wedding table
        Wedding Cake
        Red Carpeted walkway
        Sparkling wine for guests at the wedding spot
        Translation of the ceremony speech into English
        Special d©cor in room
        Honeymooner’s special weekly dinner

        If I'm going to have 40 people attend thats an additional $600+ for chairs and sparkling wine. They say additional chairs are $4 in the optional expenses though. So I was wondering if resorts lets you purchase things individually as opposed to the package options...or is it just choose a package and add onto it with the extra options?

        Oh...or with your option Moments, will a resort really let us get married there w/out using their products or services and use an outside WC?

        #4 nibsmom

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          Posted 19 December 2008 - 02:30 PM

          I'm picking and choosing for my wedding. For us, it was a matter of photography. All the wedding packages come with a very simple package, and it sounds like you can't upgrade them and still get the package. Since we'll be leaving a lot of our family behind, we really want a LOT of pictures. And, it was less expensive to pick and choose in the long run!!

          Oh, we are getting married at the Moon Palace!! If you're interested in that, I would be sure to check it out some more - they do have strict restrictions on bringing in outside vendors and stuff, but they do and can provide everything you need!

          #5 CantWait!

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            Posted 01 January 2009 - 08:40 PM

            Do you have the ala carte list with prices so you can run the numbers of the two? I know it took us a while to get the ala carte list from someone at our resort...so you may have to ask several times.

            #6 LeanneMarie

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              Posted 02 January 2009 - 07:36 PM

              Hi Bob, i have an AI that I am working with for a February wedding and they are very open to allowing me to bring in my outside vendors and basically customize EVERYTHING for the wedding. I've been really impressed with their felxibility because as you've seen many are not so easy to deal with!!!! Send me a PM if that sounds like you'd be interested in!!

              #7 Mrs D To Be!

              Mrs D To Be!
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                Posted 02 January 2009 - 09:38 PM

                hey, i would also suggest looking into moon palace...we are going for the free wedding package...and adding extras...this way we can bring our own photographer and not worry about doubling costs!

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