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  1. Cherany, you are so adorable!!! I had so much fun the last couple of days with you and your energy. I loved all the details you brought along and everything looked so great together. The center pieces you had for Casa del Agua looked so great. I'm excited to see the photos captured by your fabulous del Sol team!! Hope you're dancing the night away right now!!! Best of everything for you and Amy on your journey through a beautiful life together!
  2. Here's another one... It was ocean blue, with brown sugar sand!! So cute...
  3. Hi there - Here are some pics from MVP from a wedding we had in November. She did an awesome job - the bride was Asian and her bridesmaids Asian and African American.
  4. Wow, thanks Erin!!! We also had so much fun helping you with the wedding planning and getting to you know. When I think about your relationship with Shane I am so inspired for my relationship with Aaron. You both are so amazing !
  5. Since you are planning everything yourself you can just hire a wedding planner for the day of coordination. This way you and your sister can both just enjoy the day and party and you'll reduce WC costs by only requiring day of services!
  6. If you are unable to meet with your planner before actually coming down, you can always try setting up a skype phone call with her/them. It's a nice way to get to meet with them and building that trust relationship!!
  7. Thank you for the recommendation Verity!! It was so much fun planning your wedding with you or rather for you as you transversed South America into Central America arriving North America. I enjoyed how exciting it must have been for you two to be planning as you traveled. Hope you are enjoying your new life together
  8. I agree with Rsage....most of the resorts probably won't let you host the party late into the night, so choosing a rental property or other beach club is the best option for obtaining flexibility in the schedule. With some locations that are available, you also get more privacy than you would at a resort, so that's a bonus. The price comparison is usually about the same when you start adding in all the extras as well, and if you go over the allotted number of guests in the resort package. Blue Venado and Amarte are two other locations worth considering. You can rent either of these locations and provide your own catering or they can provide food and beverage services for the event.
  9. I am also going to be working with another bakery this Saturday. This is their link and Hiram has been excellent as far as communication and I know their presentation is great. He is going to do cake pops for me in January!!! I can't wait to see those. http://www.gypasteleria.com/
  10. Turtle bay bakery does indeed make some DELICIOUS cupcakes!!!! And she can definitely do a small cake size for the top layer and then cupcakes for the bottom layers.
  11. Probably what happened is that when you first asked, they quoted you the price of their day pass, $88 USD, and their policies may actually require an outside vendor fee. If you haven't already booked with them, you can try to negotiate it into your contract.
  12. Hi Carmela, The yoga studio where I learned and teach yoga in Playa del Carmen is full of awesome yoga teachers, and they are definitely willing to give private classes. If you want to PM me the details - type of yoga desires (if any preference), time, date, number of participants, then I can see if anyone would be available. Also, you would need to make sure that it was okay with the hotel to have an external instructor come to give the class, the space where it could be held, and if there are mats available. Another idea: One time I gave a partner yoga class to a wedding group and everyone participated - even those without much yoga experience! It was great fun!! Hope that helps Leanne
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