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Well good for you! you are almost done...soing school and work and two little ones will add much stress! Glad it is almost over for you!


I can not believe how close it is now!!! So still no list from Ana, I am suprised she has not emailed it to you either! Not Cool!


We to have a tone of stuff to bring for the welcome bags...what types of things are you putting in yours...mine seem really small but i had so many to buy that i had to watch mu budget...We put in hand sanitizer, sun block, bubbles, band aids, card games little key chains, regular lotion, lip chap....hhmmmm...i can not remember if there is anything else.


I am pretty much finished the planning stuff..just finishing the table numbers and seating plan and i should be just about done!


Hope everything else continues to go well and when she send that information to me i will send it your way!!


YAY!!! looking forwar to meeting you as well!


FUN TIMES TO COME cheesy.gif



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Michelle,  Only 23 days before departure and 25 for you if I am right!!!


....  My welcome bag has 2 littles bottles with personalized label (body lotion, shower gel ) hand sanitized, lipbalm, a note book with a crayon, a map with information about the area, some template for the Martha Stewart site...  a door hanger saying We miss each other and there is a list like...  I am at the beach, by the pool etc. that you have to check, and a list of our guest with room number (from Martha Stewart again) we will have to add the room numbers...  all stuff you can template from the website.  I also did some luggage tag an I bought the plastic thing to hang them at Michaels....  and a spray bottle to put water in it to refresh by the pool, a pack of candy and I had some label done to put on bottle of water...  that I will do over there...  maybe on a mini bottle of the local alcool we'll see...  I dont have as many guest as you, only 23...  I also have 4 bag with kids stuff for the kids.


The only thing is the little bottles...  it is heavy and I will have to wrap them properly so they dont leak in by luggage...


I am also gringing my table center decoration for the diner but we only have 2 long table to decorate...  a lot of ribbon and a sand ceremony kit...   and I think I told you all ready I have 24 little glass jar to bring for my favors that I will filled with some sand....  That's a little heavy too.  Some candles, tea light and flothing ones...  dont know yet what we gonna do with it :)


I bought something to weight my luggage...  That will come handy I am pretty sure!


...  so much to think of and I imagine twice as much for you with more than 60 guest!


Enjoy your final plans ...  I guess we will miss it once it is over!


Are you personalizing a welcome note for each guest room... Dont know what to write down mine?  I guess just a thank you for doing the trip and be part of our wedding... ?




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....  I forgot again...  JENNIFER CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU TOO :)  ANd...  thanks for the tips!  To add to your luggage list for those with kids:


Peanut Butter!  :)


and for adult...  Pepto bismol... I remember somebody that had it in a previous trip in Mexico...  It surely become handy at some point with the mix of spicy mexican food and alcool :)



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Hello! I am am new to this site and this thread!


I am getting married at OCT in May 2011!! I have already got SO many ideas and great advice just from reading through this thread!


I would love to see pictures of the beach ceremony and reception options if anyone has some to share. jessicalynnervin@aol.com


Has anyone done or going to do the Carribean Wedding Package with the Casa del Mar reception?


I would appreciate any ideas or advise anyone has to share!




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Hello I am new to this site and the thread!


I am getting married at OCT in May 28, 2011! I have learned SO much already just from reading through this thread!


I would love to see any beach ceremony pictures and reception pictures if anyone would like to share! jessicalynnervin@aol.com


Has anyone or Is anyone doing the Carribean wedding package?


I would appreactiate any and all advise and ideas!



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Hey OCT brides and brides-to-be!


I cannot tell you how much I learn every time I visit this forum - keep on posting ladies, it is sooooo incredibly appreciated!


My big day isn't until January 20,2011, which in reality isn't that far away, and I was wondering if anyone could answer the following:


- Ana told me that the bows on the chairs would be an additional $2.50 each, which seems a bit high, so I was wondering if any of you brought/are bringing your own? And if so, will Ana/whoever is doing the set up, take care of putting the bows on the chairs even if they are not the ones providing them?


- For the past brides, do you know if there are any shops nearby where I could purchase some maracas and some cobalt blue glasses?  Instead of the glass clinging thing, I found a really cute saying that requires our guests to get up and share a maraca AND cobalt blue is our wedding color so I'd love to find some glasses for the tables - both of which our guests could bring home with them from Mexico.


As always, thanks in advance!


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Hi Lisa,


We did shot glasses and maracas for our wedding and we bought them from Wal-Mart in Playa Del Carmen.  Although, we later saw them much cheaper at some of the smaller stores on 5th Ave.  I would recommend going to anyone of those stores, because you could probably work out a deal, buying a large amount too.


Hope that helps!



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Thanks so much for the helpful tip Jennifer!

Unfortunately I've never been to the Mayan before so I have no idea where 5th ave is... is that near the resort or in Playa Del Carmen? Are there any shops near the resort in Playa Morelos?


Re. prices for the spa, I found the following link that may be what you're looking for:



Thanks again,


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Thank you SO much for the pictures! It looks beautiful!


I am a bit anxious about how everything comes together for the wedding. . .

So far all i have done is pick and set my wedding date and let Ana know that i probably want to do the Caribean Wedding Package, my travel agent says thats all i have to do until I get there and then I found this blog and it sounds like theres alot more i need to be thinking about smile35.gif


So I have few questions and I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. . .


1.) I keep reading about everyone decorating tables. . is this dinner tables (reservations at restaraunt?) or are you having a private reception?


2.) I read where someone had reception out at terrace bar and Ana reserved them tables- was this extra charge?


3.) how did/do you let your guests know about the wedding day events? (its was my understanding I don't do any planning until 2 days before the wedding)


4.) When/where do they serve the wedding cake?


5.) Has anyone had there wedding ceremony video taped on the beach? How was the sound?


Thank you all SO very much.

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