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  1. I could not agree with Jacquelyn more.... pay the extra $200 to have an outside photographer and I promise it will be the best $200 you will ever spend!!! We also paid the $200 fee and hired Lincoln from Moments That Matter Photography and are unbelievably happy that we did - he's fantastic! I have several of our wedding pics on FB as well (Lisa Maria Fleury), feel free to add me as a friend too so that you can take a peak
  2. Oh and Jaquelyn - have an AMAZING trip, enjoy every moment, take lots of pictures, relax and be sure to fill us all in when you return!!!
  3. No problem at all Aubrey, I bought 55 bows not knowing my final number so I have more then enough to share with you! I may bring some back with me for our reception at home but will be sure to leave more than enough for you and your guests Does anyone know the order of the ceremony? My fiance and I are trying to work on vows & the sand ceremony but are unsure how it fits into the ceremony... when do the "I do's" fit in? Any advise would be fantastic!
  4. Hi ladies - The site for the company I purchased our chair sashes from is http://www.tableclothsfactory.com. I ordered 55 sashes in Royal Blue, which honestly I'm not sure what the difference is/if any from Cobalt Blue, and with the shipping & taxes they came to less than $1.50 each!!! Sandi - Hello new FB buddy! I noticed that you mentioned going to TO for a leafs game and when I told Matt about you guys he was stoked to know that there will be other Leaf Fans at the resort... I on the other hand and a Flames fan... If you could send me the info. on the packages offered through the hotel that would be excellent! Probably best to send it to my email, which is lisafleury@hotmail.com. Sorry I can't help you with the divorce info though... Aubrey - you are more then welcome to use them for you big day. Maybe next time you're corresponding with Ana just let her know and I'll do the same! How many people are you expecting?
  5. Hey Sandi! I just sent you a reply via FB - it's amazing how easy it is to find people these days! Re. the bows, we decided to buy our own as our color is cobalt blue and we were told they didn't have that color. If you're interested in buying them, just let me know and I can find the company info. amongst my ever growing pile of things to pack What are you using for table decorations? Who are you getting your Paradise package through? Audrey - We arrive on Jan. 15th and stay until the 29th so maybe we'll see you admiring Sandi's wedding also! Does anyone have an idea of how the vows work? Is there a certain way/order things need to go? We're going to also have the sand ceremony but am unsure as to whether that happens before or after the "I Do's"... any advise/ideas would be great! Thanks, Lisa
  6. I am SOOO jealous ladies! Michelle, Nadia & Jennifer I hope you all have a FANTASTIC time & I CANNOT wait to hear/hopefully see how beautiful it all turned out to be Bon voyage mes amies! Lisa
  7. Thanks so much for the helpful tip Jennifer! Unfortunately I've never been to the Mayan before so I have no idea where 5th ave is... is that near the resort or in Playa Del Carmen? Are there any shops near the resort in Playa Morelos? Re. prices for the spa, I found the following link that may be what you're looking for: http://www.hoteloceancoralturquesa.net/en/spa/treatments-spa-hotel-riviera-maya.php Thanks again, Lisa
  8. Hey OCT brides and brides-to-be! I cannot tell you how much I learn every time I visit this forum - keep on posting ladies, it is sooooo incredibly appreciated! My big day isn't until January 20,2011, which in reality isn't that far away, and I was wondering if anyone could answer the following: - Ana told me that the bows on the chairs would be an additional $2.50 each, which seems a bit high, so I was wondering if any of you brought/are bringing your own? And if so, will Ana/whoever is doing the set up, take care of putting the bows on the chairs even if they are not the ones providing them? - For the past brides, do you know if there are any shops nearby where I could purchase some maracas and some cobalt blue glasses? Instead of the glass clinging thing, I found a really cute saying that requires our guests to get up and share a maraca AND cobalt blue is our wedding color so I'd love to find some glasses for the tables - both of which our guests could bring home with them from Mexico. As always, thanks in advance! Lisa
  9. It's gorgeous! Would it be possible to wear a bra with straps under it? I'm a DD and absolutely cannot do the strapless bra thing so that would be a deal breaker for me unfortunately.
  10. I'm actually not getting married until next year - January 20th 2011 - another 119 more sleeps to go! So far we have 41 adults and 2 kids confirmed, how about you? How are your plans coming along? Â You're actually getting married on my birthday
  11. Oh how I wish I was.. I still have 120 more sleeps to go! Where have you decided to have your wedding and reception at the resort?
  12. Wow Whit, it really does sound like you had a fairy tale wedding come true! I know how much time and effort you put into getting everything just right and I couldn't be happier for you and Mr. Reigns!  After reading, and re-reading your post to make sure I didn't miss anything, I came up with a few questions I was hoping you could help me out with;  - what was the nightly entertainment like? A few guest noticed that there's no disco there and suggested maybe going to Cancun one night (Senior Frogs / CoCoBongo).  - Do you happen to remember the name of the excursions your group went on and the prices? This is definitely something I've been asked about but have not received much info. from Ana. The boys were hoping to go on a deep sea fishing trip so they'll be so happy to hear that you're crew had a great time and would go again!  - What time was your dinner rehearsal and how big was your group at the Japanese restaurant? This is the restaurant I asked Ana to reserve for my group as well the night before the wedding but because I have a rather large group (18), she said it would probably have to be later in the evening - she was going to confirm a time in her next email. I'm really hoping that it's not too late so that we don't miss the show.  - Do you happen to have any pics of the Lobby Terrace set up? I'm really curious about the set up with the privacy barriers and what, if any lighting, you needed as that's where we're planning on having our dinner, reception and dance.  - And lastly.... how unbelievably happy are you to finally be Mrs. Reigns? I am soooooo happy for you Whit and cannot wait to see all your beautiful pics "Wedding Barbie"  Thanks again so very much for all the info. - it is incredibly helpful as I'm sure you know from the past brides who were all so nice to share all their fantastic tips & advice!  Lisa  Â
  13. I would love to get in touch with your friend Dan to have our logo created but am having a hard time getting to his site... could you please PM and/or email it to me? Thanks so much, Lisa lisafleury@hotmail.com
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