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  1. Hi girls! We had the photographer form the hotel since it was includ in our Air Transat package... their picture were not as good as the picture our friend took. They were dress in short and t-shirt (I think they could have done an effort on the dress code!) Our picture are on facebook Nadia Gauvreau. The pics from the hotel were very similar... if it is includ then go ahead if not I would probably have someone else to take them. Everything was good... exept Ana was on a really busy week and Ariana took the details of the decoration we wanted. I really loved Ariana... she was really professional. The only problem is that Ariana was on a day off the day of our wedding and Ana didnt really get what we wanted... It turns out to be very nice but not what we had in mind. Than our diner was supposed to be outside and at the last moment there was a lot of heavy clouds in the sky so we changed the plan... it took a long time for them to setup everything and they cut our music/dancing time at the end because apparently we needed to turn it down by 11h00... we paid for the full 3 hour of location for the sound system... and really had 1h30 dancing... which was way too short. For the diner we had it at the carribean grill... it was a perfect location since it is an open area restaurant you feel like you are outside with a nice view. The Terasse might be really windy... I mean REALLY windy. It sound like we didnt enjoyed it but believe me I am just been critical so you can plan these details... we loved our wedding at OTC !!! Good planning! Nadia
  2. I got married at OTC November 10th 2010... it was perfect and everybody loved the resort! If you have any questions... Enjoy your planning Nadia
  3. Hi ! It's been a long time.. but to me it was just yesterday. I didnt get back to you guys since a lot of events happen after my wedding... unfortunatly I lost my mom two days after I returned from our wedding. Our wedding was on Nov 10th 2010... The wedding and resort were perfect! I do have lots of picture on my Facebook (200) Your welcome to come and see! Enjoy every moment of your planning I goes so fast. Nadia Gauvreau
  4. You dont HAVE to use the hotel photographer but there is a fee to bring another one on the site... plus the day pass for the hotel for the photographer. And I have eared that there is more than one but you cant really choose... Nadia
  5. Jessica... I am using the hotel photographer... I ll show you my picture when I will be back. I also have one of my friend which he's very good so I hope we will get some good one! Apparently there is more than one photohrapher at the hotel so I dont know.... I have seen some pics from the others and they were nice. Nadia
  6. Last day at work.... I just can't do anything! I am too exited... 3 more hours
  7. Ho... just realised the picture is pretty small... double clic on it if you want to ''reconize'' me in Mexico Well... if you ear a gang of frensh people it might be us
  8. GIRLS ... I AM DONE!!!!!! OMG... it was torture! I also took the time to put a picture so maybe you will ''reconize'' Me How do we write that word?... and, I AM LEAVING IN 9 DAYS!!!
  9. Thank you Jennifer... To be honnest it is crazy! Only 12 days before my departure... And tomorrow I am starting my 2 days of exams. On wednesday ...Let me tell you that I will surely celebrate! It as been torture for me... but it is almost over! I am getting sooo nervous about the wedding ... Michelle... Ana finally sent my check list and pretty much all the prices she said she would give me were good. Just a couple of details she forgot. Do you have the wedding package with Transat or the hotel? When will be your last day at work? I am finishing on wednesday Nov 3rd so just over a week!!! That will be a dramatic change for me, the vacation... It as been 3 months that I havent even watch TV I am sooo looking forward to spend time with my family and friends! ... and meet you guys 12 days!!! I am sooo exited!!! Nadia
  10. Michelle, Still havent received my checklist... Ana was supposed to send it yesterday. Did you get yours? Hopefully today. It will make me fell better when I'll know I have most of it done... My exams are on tuesday, ... than I ll be FREE! I found another idea for the welcome bags. I printed 2 local receipe ( Sopa de lima & Motulenos Huevos) with a description of some of the local food like quesedilla, ... for those that never been plus some of my people dont speak much english and I also printed the information about the Jungle Spa... apparently it is something amazing. Found it on Trip advisor by taping activities in Puerto Morelos. If you have more ideas let me know Nadia
  11. Michelle, Ana got back to me yesterday and she told me she didnt had time to finish look trought my thing but she would send me my final check list today... We'll see! Nadia
  12. Hi Jessica, My wedding is on November 10th and we have 19 adults and 4 child... Only 18 days before my departure!!! ...and for the wedding license and legal fees... they are not includ in the package It is an extra $1000 US just for the fees for us ! There is some places you can safe a little, but at the end it happens only once in a life time and you still want it your way... just make a list of your priorities I guess. Nadia
  13. Hi, We are having our wedding diner at the Carribean restaurant because yes it was an extra on the terrasse... We choose instead to have the reception on the terrasse for 3 hours after diner which is an extra as well. Keep in mind that you can negociate the price that Ana will give you. The carribean restaurant has an open area so it seams to be nice I am bringing my own decoration... bows for the chair and for diner table as well. There was way too many extras for everything... and I didnt ask, but I am not paying for Ana to set everything. If she doesnt want to do it for the fees we are all ready paying for the rest, I will do it with my bridesmaid... but I really think it shouldnt be a problem... I think she has an asistant as well... Ana seams to be a very nice and understandable person. I dont worry too much about her service since everybody said she was amazing! I've been told that it is better to negociate as much before leaving since there your kind of on the spot couple days before the wedding... I manage to lower most of her price... and she even found me a free option for the flower since I didnt really like the ones she was showing me at first. It surely depend on what package you are choosing but even for inclusion there is always some extra if you want something different or more. I have a package from Transat so I am not sure what are the package offered by the hotel. For the cake... to me it is a detail. I have no clue when and where. But dont forget that Ana will be there to make sure everything is going well so I wouldnt worried about that onless you wanted to do something different ....? I also think she will direct the guest and make sure everybody knows whats going on. Plus, you will meet with her the day after your arrival so she will explain to you everything and you can do a rehersal diner and tell your guest then... Apparently she will follow us every minute the wedding day and make sure everything is ok. ... Enjoy your planning, it seams a lot but it is so much fun to do! I will surely miss it after the wedding Nadia
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