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  1. Hi Cara, I just popped on the site and saw your post and I'm so glad to hear everything went so well and that you all enjoyed yourselves! I can't believe the wedding has come and gone already...I'm sure you can't either! In fact, I can't believe that we are coming up on our one year anniversary! Time flies. All the best to you! Jennifer
  2. Hi Sashk2006, I got married there in Feb this year and we did our first dance under the hut, before pictures. You need to let Maria know that's what you want to do so she can have the music ready for you (you will need to give her the music for that). That's all! It's pretty simple. :-)
  3. Hey Nadia, CONGRATS on being done school! You must be so relieved! I'm relieved for you! Thanks for posting the picture! You have a lovely family. I realised ours was a bit of a far away and hard to see our faces, so I replaced it with a closer up shot. Soon enough this is what we will all be doing ! Hehe. See you soon. Jennifer
  4. Michelle + Nadia, Just over 2 weeks to go!!! I know how I excited I am to go and it's not my wedding this time around, so I can imagine how pumped you guys must be! See ya soon! Jennifer
  5. Hi Lisa, Thanks for that link! I didn't go to Puerto Morales last time we were at Turquesa, so I'm not sure what they have but I would think it's safe to say you can get what you need there. Any of the little shops will sell stuff like that for a decent price. Playa Del Carmen is about 30-40 mins away - which is about a $35 cab ride. The hotel has a shuttle that goes there for $15 but you only get about an hour and a half to shop/look around. So if you get in and get out quick, that will be a cheap option and way to go. Also, they have a free shuttle going to Cancun that drops you at the shopping plaza - I think that one goes daily. I'm sure the concierge at the hotel can better direct you though. Happy Planning! Jennifer
  6. Does anyone have a price list for the services at The Spa? If so, can you please email it to me at jesmeria@shaw.ca ? Thanks!
  7. Hi Lisa, We did shot glasses and maracas for our wedding and we bought them from Wal-Mart in Playa Del Carmen. Although, we later saw them much cheaper at some of the smaller stores on 5th Ave. I would recommend going to anyone of those stores, because you could probably work out a deal, buying a large amount too. Hope that helps! Jennifer
  8. Haha! A little technical difficulty at the end of my last message there.
  9. Hi Michelle, That sucks that Ana isn't quick to respond. Hopefully she'll be much more helpful in person! Yes, my hubby is super excited too! We weren't thinking we were going to get our Honeymoon this year, but I got an unexpected bonus from work and we already had this week booked off from work, together...so away we go! The first thing we both said when I found out was "Mexico!" We are flying out of Vancouver with Air Transat on Nov.8th. I'm glad I could assist in keeping things cheerful for ya! It is going to be so awesome for you to have your wedding there! We are bringing a floaty chair, that we took with us for our wedding and had fun with it in the pools. Also, make sure you bring bug spray! When we were at Turquesa in 2008 we brought some and were glad we did. It just gets a little buggy at night. Also, in case you are doing any excursions, bring some ziplock bags with you so you can pack some food with you, from the buffet. We saw people doing that last time we were there and I thought that was clever. And of course, something to cover up with at night when it gets chilly. I'm not sure if you've been to Mexico or to the Resort before, so you might already know all this. If I think of anything else, wedding related, I will let you know! Jennifer That'sthTThatThat's a
  10. Hi Michelle and Nadia, I remember the countdown craziness! It does get a little hectic leading up to the trip but don't worry, once you get there your troubles will melt away! As much as you are not loving this part...enjoy every minute of it, because your wedding will be over so fast!!! It's crazy! I miss being a bride Looking forward to possibly meeting you both and of course...MEXICO!!! Countdown is on! Happy planning, ladies! Jennifer
  11. Hi Lise, I got married in PDC in February at 4:30 pm and actually wished i had done it at 5pm as the sun was still really bright at that time so i was squinting in my photo's alot. We had pictures from 5pm-6pm and the sun started to set close to six so we got some gorgeous photo's. You can find info here http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/MMUN/2010/4/11/MonthlyHistory.html for the sunrise and sunset times that happened this past year to get an idea of what would work for you. Good luck and happy planning! Jennifer
  12. Hi Michelle, Yes, we are flying out on the 8th too! Are they going with Air Transat? Too funny if they are! Thanks for extending the invite to us, that's so kind of you! I will definetly come by and introduce myself, at the very least. You will be so glad to have an extra week to yourself. Part of you will miss having everyone and the other part will be so glad to have some alone time. It's going to be great! The resort is so beautiful. I was able to upload some pictures on here, of the wedding we saw in 2008 (since this website has been revamped it's much easier to navigate! I wasn't able to post pictures on here before). I do have more pictures of the resort, if anyone wants to see something specific, let me know. If I have it, I will post it. If you are having your dinner at the Villa Marina, you'll be happy! The food is amazing there and it's really pretty. Bye for now! Jennifer
  13. Hey Americanadia and MCRtobe, Â My husband and I are going to be there during your weddings! We just booked our official honeymoon for Turquesa yesterday and are there from Nov.8th-15th! We were there a couple of years ago and loved the resort. We saw a wedding there (I have some pictures of it, if you are interested) and that inspired us to have our wedding in Mexico, this past February. We only stayed the 7 days with all our friends and family and wished we had stayed longer and had some solo time, hence us going back now, for our 'official honeymoon'. I'm excited to see your weddings! I will have a peek from a distance...of course! Â Feel free to ask me any questions either about the resort, or planning a destination wedding. Â Happy planning! Â Jennifer
  14. I was there last week of Feb, this past year for my wedding, and it was unusually cold in the evenings. We had to wear long pants, and a sweater (or tshirt and cardigan). Some of us wore pashmina's on top of that as well. It was weird. I'd say go prepared with warmer clothes for the evening. It was warm during the day, but as soon as that sun went down...the temp dropped and the wind picked up. And I'm from Canada!
  15. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies...but the disco issue is not a one time issue. That was the first thing all my guests talked about was how the disco smelled of cat pee (it's in my review). The disco door stays open all the time, and they have stray cats that live at the resort. The disco is not that nice looking either but...it is super fun especially once you get all your guests there. There is a nice outside area between the La Bombola Bar and the Mexican Buffett, that everyone hangs out at, they have tables and chairs, so that might be an option. You should check on what the entertainment is for the night of the week you are getting married on, and maybe you can just partake in that, until the disco opens, so people can go dancing there after if they want. They do all the evening shows in that area. We did our speaches in the restaurant, so we could get that out of the way and just go party after. If you want somewhere nicer, you can go to the main lobby (where you check in) and it's not busy...there is a bar there too. Right outside there is a really nice patio/seating area, you could go take that area over. Hope those options help!
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