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Similar Dress??

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Originally Posted by Jacilynda View Post
I think almost any designer has a dress similar to this, even david's bridal. I'm not sure what your reason for not getting this one is, but have you looked into having a seamstress make the exact same dress for you? There are seamstress' that will do any dress you want for like $380.
I agree... this is a very beautiful and classic style!!
When you go shopping, go to the stores armed with many printouts/pics of the dresses you like. The bridal consultant should be able to find you something similar to those you like or the one you like.
Good luck.. and let us know how it goes!!!

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Originally Posted by adias.angel View Post
Have you thought about getting a knock off from china? There are a couple threads on here of other brides who did it. I am because of the huge cost savings.

If you have a picture they can make it. Here is where I am getting mine made:
Cheap Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Discount Bridal Gowns-Lilywedding.com

I have seriously been thinking of getting a knock. I am having problems trying to narrow down a company, since everything is overseas. How did you select the Chinese company making you dress?

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