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Anyone doing a candle ceremony??

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Just curious what happens with these. I think the symbology of the candles is pretty cool. i know I was interested in doing a sand ceremony but I threw that out the window a while ago. I want to do something cool for our 15 minute ceremony. LOL


Anyone performing a candle ceremony? or seen one?

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I don't know really... maybe I need to see one to really understand what the sand ceremony is. haha


I got some ideas about the candle ceremoney now. I think our Mom's should each light a candle at the begining of the ceremony and then at some point me and Jared can light a bigger candle from the flames of our Mom's? Does that sound cheesey??!

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Since we're getting marred in the gazebo (not on the beach) do you think the wind will still be a factor? Sorry if that's a dumb question... i guess it IS still outside. Hmmmmmm

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I like it, very pretty!


Does anyone know if there are any other options besides candles or sand? I wanted to do the sand ceremony, but FI was married before and they did the sand ceremony, grrr, so I don't really want any part of our wedding to be anythingl like his first wedding. I know sounds stupid, can you tell I don't particularly like his first wife!


I may do the sand ceremony anyway, but if I can find something I like thats different I would prefer to do that.


Melissa, you know what I saw the other day that may work well for candles. I saw these cracked mosaic vases, that were kind of tall, I thought about buying them for the reception and just putting pillar candles in them, but the candle would be low enough where I don't think the wind would blow it out. That might work, if you put the candles inside of something.

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Jill, what about the "hand ceremony"


Melissa, If you do a candle ceremony, just be sure to put them in say a hurricane vase or something that is taller then the actual candles. I think it can still be done, but even in a gazebo I would be affraid the wind would blow the candles out.

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