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#2001 CriCri

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    Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:58 AM

    Dear Rachel

    I haven't updated my table cloth but what is included is very nice.

    Here in the pictures you can see the table cloth included in the price.


    Hey everyone!

    I literally laughed out loud when I saw they wanted close to $200 for upgraded table clothes. I am thinking of just buying some from one of the mega wholesale wedding sites like save-on-crafts.com or koyal wholesale.

    #2002 msop04

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      Posted 22 January 2013 - 06:48 PM

      Originally Posted by Rachel Terry 

      Thank you! That is definitely something to consider since we have Verizon. Another thing I was thinking about was asking to trade the Mariachi band. We are doing the Ultimate package and the band usually costs about $600 to play, the same amount for 3 hours of reception music! I think I am going to ask if we can trade one for the other. If I find out anything, I will be sure to post it on here!


      That's great that you're with Verizon, because I know they sell both sizes of the Jambox!  


      Make sure you okay that with Cecelia AND GET IT IN WRITING (in your contract)...  It was expressed to me that I could not receive credit for "services" included in the package.  For example, I am having an outside vendor do my hair and makeup, so I wanted to use the spa hair and makeup package as a credit toward decor -- but that was not allowed.  I also found out that if you do no use it, you lose it.  Not saying that the music wouldn't be a possibility, I would just want to make sure it gets put in your contract.  

      Also, has anybody worked with Maya Floral, aka the infamous "Marvin the florist"? I just got an email back with some pictures of flowers and some prices but have not had the time to sit down and compare if it would be cheaper to order them directly through him plus the $70 vendor fee. I must say though, these flowers are breath taking! Apparently he works with a lot of the resorts in the area including Secrets.


      I can tell you that Maya Floral is AWESOME!!  Marvin was great, and I don't think you have to pay the vendor fee, since Maya Floral is who SMB uses anyway.  He is doing my flowers and some draping decor for the ceremony.  His prices were really good when compared to Planner1Events.  For example, I wanted the ceremony structure "wrapped" in white fabric like in the photo below.  Planner1Events quoted me $600 for the fabric ALONE!!  Marvin said he would do the flowers across the top (using the same colors as in my bouquet), wrap the wooden columns, provide the dark wooden table (second photo), have an arrangement on either side sitting on a dark wood column, as well as provide the centerpiece and flowers on the aisle chairs for $750!!  If you work with him at all, it is like working with the resort.  He has emailed Cecilia all of my changes with photos in the contract -- which is a big stress reliever!  


      Good Luck!!  Let us know what you decide on!!


      My bouquet (and colors)









      #2003 msop04

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        Posted 22 January 2013 - 07:04 PM

        Originally Posted by Jen Eeson 

        Oh ya wedges would work for sure.  


        Great!!  Thanks for telling me!!  I am going to get these wedges tonight (left)!!  I decided on navy, since my DF bought me a diamond and sapphire band to wear along with my wedding band.    They are very similar to the shoes I'm wearing for photos and for our reception when we get home (right)...    

        #2004 newloves1975

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          Posted 24 January 2013 - 06:09 AM

          Just a small suggestion about shoes. I had my ceremony at the Gazeebo and wore heels. When the ceremony was over the photographer told me I needed flip flops. I suggested going barefoot but he said where he was planning to go the ground was rough. I had to have someone go up to my room to get me a pair (I'm so glad I just happened to pack 2 white pair)!

          #2005 CriCri

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            Posted 25 January 2013 - 09:29 AM

            Both very nice!!!

            Originally Posted by msop04 

            #2006 msop04

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              Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:18 PM

              Originally Posted by newloves1975 

              Just a small suggestion about shoes.
              I had my ceremony at the Gazeebo and wore heels. When the ceremony was over the photographer told me I needed flip flops. I suggested going barefoot but he said where he was planning to go the ground was rough.
              I had to have someone go up to my room to get me a pair (I'm so glad I just happened to pack 2 white pair)!


              Thanks newloves!!  That didn't even cross my mind -- good to know!!  

              #2007 msop04

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                Posted 30 January 2013 - 08:57 PM

                Okay guys, the shoe saga continues...


                Since newloves1975 told me about the flip flops, I have been a bit obsessed with finding the "right" pair.  LOL  I have almost decided to wear them the entire time at the ceremony in Mexico and at the reception back home (except for photos, of course...).  They are 3.5" high with a 1" platform (so it'll be like wearing 2.5" heels)!!  Now that, I can handle!!  Plus, they look super cute and comfy to boot!!  


                Can't believe I spent more money on flips flops than my *fancy* wedding shoes.    Oh well... such is life, right??  LOL     Do you ladies think I will still be okay to wear my 4" heels in the beginning, or would you try to find some other 3.5" heels(I don't want my dress to look too short or my shoes to show a lot....)?  I've already returned FIVE pairs of shoes thus far, so I'm not afraid to take anything back if need be!!  LOL


                Here they are!!  



                #2008 msop04

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                  Posted 30 January 2013 - 08:59 PM

                  ...the photo above shows the 0.75 inch pair -- I just wanted to show the pretty bow and bling!  


                  Carry on.  

                  #2009 bluelenscaribe

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                    Posted 02 February 2013 - 09:33 AM

                    Hi Brides,


                    Enjoy our latest blogs and have amazing photos!!!









                    #2010 angd

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                      Posted 03 February 2013 - 09:06 AM

                      Hi All, 

                      I just returned from 10 days at SMB for my wedding/ honeymoon and it was beyond PERFECT!! I know I read all of your posts leading up to my big day so I wanted to be sure to write my thoughts when I got home. 


                      Cecilia: she was a pleasure to work with. I started emailing her about a year out and then we met with her the day we arrived and again the day my photographer arrived (we brought our own). I also called her a few times while we were there and was helpful each time. Some people have stated she is hard to reach etc however you have to remember things work differently there and the urgency to respond is not the same. There are days when she is in her office only in the morning and then out meeting brides and doing site inspections. I believe a little patience and care with how you write your emails can go a long way. Overall, we loved her and she and her team did a great job. 


                      Rehearsal: we were supposed to have a bonfire the night before as a welcome however it had rained the previous 5 days and had no sign of letting up so we chose to cancel it. She knew it was tough for us and offered us the Desires night club for two hours private. This was so much fun and our group really enjoyed it. We paid for music and bar service. I read about bringing a music system but my husband and I didnt want to have to worry about it. ( We also received credit for the photography and video so we put that towards this)


                      Ceremony: was on the beach. I wanted to keep it simple and clean so all we added was the navy chair bows (which they also used at the reception) and two extra floral arrangements. It was breathtaking. I asked them to not have the runner in the aisle because I was worried about someone tripping on it so they just added the shells on both sides of the aisle. I went barefoot...sort of.. I ordered on Etsy foot jewelry. It looks like a flip flop but has no bottom. It gave me that little bit of bling. I brought heels to wear at the reception as I wanted the height with my dress to dance. We put our music on an Ipod and they did a great job of cuing it properly. 


                      Cocktail reception: we had the Mariachi band which was fun. I cant speak to food/drink as we were only there the last 10 minutes as we were doing pictures at the mansion however as soon as we returned servers were asking what we wanted to drink. Speaking with our guests they said the food was great and drink service too. They had a lot of fun. 


                      Reception: was at the gazebo and again breathtaking. I brought my own centerpieces and votives and then Cecilia had the florist put flowers with them. (as soon as I have pictures I send to you or post). The food was one of the best meals we had and the evening was perfect. I really cant say enough good about it. 


                      Spa: I did a hair and makeup trial when I got there and requested it be with the same person who would do it on my wedding day. I had Blanca and she was awesome. We had to tweak my hair and makeup on the trial day but that's what a trial is for right?! :) On the day of the wedding, it was perfect and she was quick. They only have 3 hair stations, 3 pedicure and 3 manicure so keep this in mind when booking and try to arrange to everyone moves from one to the next. You cannot bring food in though so make sure there is time for everyone to get some lunch. (makeup products are MAC)




















                      Other tidbits:

                      *They pressed my dress and husbands suit with no problems or questions. 

                      *I did not work with the florist directly, rather I had sent Cecilia pictures of what I liked. When I arrived to meet with her she had the pictures printed in color in her folder. On the morning of the wedding she sought me out in the spa when I was getting my hair done and showed them to me to make sure I was happy. Everyone started crying when they saw them. 

                      * I brought a photographer from home- best decision we made. We went to the mansion and at first we were told to leave. We offered the guy $20 and he told us we could stay for 10 minutes-- we stayed for 40 and he never came back. His English was really bad and I think thats all he knew how to say. The pictures from there are beautiful- make sure you check it out prior to and see if it fits you. If you go, ask ahead of time for an old bed sheet from housekeeping. We did this so we could lay it under my dress during pictures. 


                      I know I wrote a lot here but I hope it helps...If you have any questions, please ask. My only advice is to not get hung up on the details. I'm a detail driven gal but I truly believe we enjoyed our day as much as we did because we let Cecilia and her team do what they do best and help plan our wedding. Take her advice when she offers it and know she has seen a lot of weddings. 



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