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  1. ...the photo above shows the 0.75 inch pair -- I just wanted to show the pretty bow and bling! Carry on.
  2. Okay guys, the shoe saga continues... Since newloves1975 told me about the flip flops, I have been a bit obsessed with finding the "right" pair. LOL I have almost decided to wear them the entire time at the ceremony in Mexico and at the reception back home (except for photos, of course...). They are 3.5" high with a 1" platform (so it'll be like wearing 2.5" heels)!! Now that, I can handle!! Plus, they look super cute and comfy to boot!! Can't believe I spent more money on flips flops than my *fancy* wedding shoes. Oh well... such is life, right?? LOL Do you ladies think I will still be okay to wear my 4" heels in the beginning, or would you try to find some other 3.5" heels(I don't want my dress to look too short or my shoes to show a lot....)? I've already returned FIVE pairs of shoes thus far, so I'm not afraid to take anything back if need be!! LOL Here they are!!
  3. Thanks newloves!! That didn't even cross my mind -- good to know!!
  4. Great!! Thanks for telling me!! I am going to get these wedges tonight (left)!! I decided on navy, since my DF bought me a diamond and sapphire band to wear along with my wedding band. They are very similar to the shoes I'm wearing for photos and for our reception when we get home (right)...
  5. That's great that you're with Verizon, because I know they sell both sizes of the Jambox! Make sure you okay that with Cecelia AND GET IT IN WRITING (in your contract)... It was expressed to me that I could not receive credit for "services" included in the package. For example, I am having an outside vendor do my hair and makeup, so I wanted to use the spa hair and makeup package as a credit toward decor -- but that was not allowed. I also found out that if you do no use it, you lose it. Not saying that the music wouldn't be a possibility, I would just want to make sure it gets put in your contract. That being said, I was able to get some credit toward decor, since I will be bringing my own photographer -- however, the "credit" was no where near what the cost of the photography or the video if purchased separately. I think I was able to get about 60-75% of the value listed on SMB website. Cecilia said the reason why is that those items are "discounted" for the wedding packages. I can tell you that Maya Floral is AWESOME!! Marvin was great, and I don't think you have to pay the vendor fee, since Maya Floral is who SMB uses anyway. He is doing my flowers and some draping decor for the ceremony. His prices were really good when compared to Planner1Events. For example, I wanted the ceremony structure "wrapped" in white fabric like in the photo below. Planner1Events quoted me $600 for the fabric ALONE!! Marvin said he would do the flowers across the top (using the same colors as in my bouquet), wrap the wooden columns, provide the dark wooden table (second photo), have an arrangement on either side sitting on a dark wood column, as well as provide the centerpiece and flowers on the aisle chairs for $750!! If you work with him at all, it is like working with the resort. He has emailed Cecilia all of my changes with photos in the contract -- which is a big stress reliever! Good Luck!! Let us know what you decide on!! My bouquet (and colors)
  6. Hey Rachel! We are taking a BIG JAMBOX for our welcome bonfire and reception. We purchased ours at Verizon for $225 (30% off as an "accessory") by adding a line. You can also do this with other phone companies who carry them if you change your plan in almost any way that would make you "resign" a new contract. We have been playing with it, and believe me, it is PLENTY loud -- especially for the price. We refused to pay $600 for music, because we are having a big reception for friends and family when we get back... Good Luck!
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by Jen Eeson Hi! Â We rented the petate walkway which seemed to be so-so for heels. Â If you are worried about it I would splurge and go for the solid wood walkway instead. Â Keep in mind however that you will be walking along a wooden path (looks like a narrow deck) along the beach to get to the ceremony location, which is way tricker than the petate aisle. Â I watched another wedding where all of the bridesmaids wore heels and it looked pretty painful. Â Â We had about 20-30 minutes between the ceremony and cocktail hour - basically enough time to do a champaign toast, take a few photos, say hi to a few people. Â Our guests went up to the gazebo area ahead of us and we stayed behind for more pics and then joined everyone later. Â Â We had the Mexican trio and they were amazing. Everyone loved them. Â I didn't bother listening to them before as I was pretty set on the Mexican trio from the beginning. Â They performed during the cocktail hour for about 40 minutes. Â Â Hope that helps! Â Jen Thank you, Jen!! LolaTX had a great idea to buy some wedges with the same height for easier walking and just use the heels for photos - do you think that would work for the petate and the wooded walkway/deck to the beach? ...my dress alterations are dependent on what size heels I have!
  8. Wow! Jen, your wedding was beautiful! Love love LOVE your dress!! You looked AMAZING!! I only hope my wedding is half as lovely as yours!! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! Our wedding is 3/15 (two months from today - YIKES!!) and I am starting to get really excited, but super stressed as well, so... I do have a few questions for you... 1. I noticed that a lady in a green dress (your mother I think?) wore high heels on the petate walkway. Was she able to walk comfortably on it without her heels sinking in between the woven mats? I know this sounds like a crazy question, but the length of my dress depends on what shoes I'll be wearing. Since we're having our reception back in the States, I bought some awesome heels (about 4 inches, 3 inches with 1 inch platform...) - but I'm worried my dress will be WAY too long for flats or bare feet for the Mexico ceremony... Ugh! Please help!! 2. How much time did you have between the ceremony and the cocktail hour? ...or did it start immediately after it? 3. Did you choose the Mexican or Caribbean Trio? Did you get to hear both of them prior to your ceremony?? (I have a sound bite of each, but they only last about 5 seconds, so it's difficult to tell a lot about each.) Did they perform for the cocktail hour or for dinner? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Hey Funkydoll!! I am so glad to hear about your wonderful time at SMB! Our wedding is on March 15, 2013, and we are so excited! I do have a few questions for you though... I have scattered them throughout your review. Thanks in advance!!
  10. That's AWESOME!! I am gonna order one soon -- probably the black color though, simply so it'll match all of our stereo stuff at home... Just out of curiosity, where did you place it during your reception?? Thanks so much, KC!!
  11. OMG - I hadn't heard of this rule - the Jam Box alone is over $300... do you think they'd consider that a "wedding supply?" LOL I'm to the point that I've decided $360 - $540 is WAY TOO MUCH to pay for music during dinner... KCDawn has convinced me to get a Jam Box! I will only use their sound system for the ceremony - does anyone feel like SMB will nickel and dime you to death??!! Does anyone know if there any extras that must be purchased to use the Jam Box? Does it come with something to connect it to my iPod?? Just wanna make sure I don't forget anything! ** I know you're getting excited, Laura!!! YAY!!! **
  12. Hey KCDawn! I loved your review -- thanks so much for posting!! I'm sure you have made us brides a lot more confident. I do have a few questions for you... as usual. HA! Quote: Originally Posted by KCDawn Beach Bonfire Party The party is 2 hours and it goes by soo fast. We brought our own speaker, The Big Jambox (awesome little thing by the way!) **Did you find that this was loud enough on the beach -- great idea!! and had a playlist. THE WEDDING DAY! Even though we had our own speaker system, we rented the resort’s system for the ceremony. It was well worth the money to ensure that everyone could hear the ceremony (it would have been difficult without the mic) and it was nice we didn’t have to worry about who would man the music. They did a great job with that! We did the cocktail hour in the Gazebo **Our wedding is March 15th at 3, so our cocktail hour will be about 4ish... do you think it will be too hot to have it on the beach? I just wanted to have more time on the beach, since our ceremony is only about 30 minutes and we've paid for extra decor and have our photographer flying down -- but I also don't wanna "fry" my guests!! LOL thanks to Valeria’s suggestion and I was glad we listened. The spot on the beach for the cocktail hour has no shade and it was still really hot that time of day. The bar wasn’t really an issue for that part. Even though there were people still there, we had the mexican trio and everyone in our party was talking so you didn’t notice. **Would you recommend the Mexican Trio over the Caribbean Trio?? Dinner was fantastic but slow. Valeria told me initially the dinner would take about an hour leaving 2 for dancing and other stuff, but it ended up taking more like 2 hours. **We only have 14 guest (including bride and groom) - do you think the dinner will take longer than 1 hour? We have rented the resort Sound System for 2 hours for the dinner reception, but I'm worried that won't be enough time. That being said, if you think the Big Jambox will be loud enough, we'd happily go with that option (save money AND have a cool speaker to take home)! We are having a big reception once we return home, so I don't think anyone will get too crazy at SMB... LOL
  13. Wow, KCDawn!!! What a great review! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time - CONGRATULATIONS!!
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