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Renting a villa for wedding

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Hi all,


I am new to the forum, no date set yet, just trying to find a place first.

I had origannly thought about Cabo, up until pricing out places and realizing that going farther to Costa Rica may actually cost less.

Plus all our family and friends have never been. We spent a week there last year and loved it!

I found a villa in Manuel Antonio called Casa Nova Estate.

It looks as if it is large enough for a ceremony and reception, as well as being affordable.

Has anyone heard of it or been there?

I am so excited I just want to book it right away!


Private Luxury Estate, Manuel Antonio Executive House Rental, Vacation Home in Costa Rica great Family Accommodations in Central America, Home with Private Grounds

Anyway I'd love to hear anything more about anyone's Costa Rica experiences!


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Thats a beautiful villa..

Were you planning on having the wedding and reception at the villa? I was noticing that there doesn't seem to be any large open places.. I suppose the size needed depends on the number of guests though!

I don't know where you've been looking for villas but I found ours through VRBO is Vacation Rentals By Owner it has a wonderful listing of villas all over costa rica (and other locations too).


This is one we looked at renting but was booked for the week we wanted the wedding. It's a beautiful 10 br compound rigth on the beach. Its further south than the other villa though. But it has gorgeous balconies & lots of room. I wish we could have gotten this compound! I think that Manuel Antonio/Quepos have more activities than where this house is located though..

Dominical Vacation Rental - 5 Villa Compound


These are the two houses we ended up renting... hopefully they're just what we're looking for.. i'll let you know after the wedding (feb. 14) We're having the wedding on the nearby beach and the reception on the patio of the pink house.

Puntarenas Costa Rica - House


Good luck!

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Did you end up renting the villa from CRhuh.gif How many guests did you have and how was your experience?? My FI and I are still unsure of where to go but those villas look like an amazing deal.

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We had our wedding February 14th.. it was WONDERFUL! if you want to see some pictures you can look at http://spencercostarica.shutterfly.com/


We were in Manuel Antonio and stayed at these two villas: Vacation Villa Manuel Antonio Costa Rica and

Gminis del Pacfico Costa Rica Vacation Home & Gemini PropertiesChicago Apartment Rentals


They're right next to each other (one is on higher ground, you have to walk down a large staircase to get to the other house). Both houses were great, it depends on your wedding party size though! We had a lady come and prepare the meal for us and also baked the cake. the food was AMAZING. For both the cake and food/preperation it was about $600.


The wedding was on Playitas and was just perfect, very few other people on the beach. We used El Velo Photography (these are our pictures, if you scroll down past all the other names). lahryn & brent and had Juan Carlos as our photographer. He was amazing. I highly recommend him :)



I think my only complaint about having the reception at our villa was that people immediately changed out of their dressy clothes and were sitting around in their comfy clothes. They also weren't up for dancing, I think because there was only 25 of us... I almost wish we would have gone to a night club or something, to liven things up a bit, but then our parents/kids wouldn't have gone.... it was very fun, just a bit more tamed down than I had expected :)


If you have any questions, you can send me a message on facebook, search email address lpotter@adrian.edu :) I don't check the email address though, so I won't respond to an email there.

I hope you and your fiance have a fantastic time and I would love to offer any advice I can!!



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Hey there, awesome place! Don"t forget to have dinner at Kapi Kapi, one of the best restaurants in town - it is a little pricey but you will get CR fusion gourmet dishes.

The Vanilla Farm is something that is a little under rated, but an inexpensive, interesting tour. Dont take valuable things down to the public beach, leave them in the hotel if you are thinking of a dip. There is also Monchados in town, live music on thursdays (check it always changes) and order "Casado Whapin" and "Rondon" it is a typical dish from our Caribbean Coast.

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Originally Posted by elizamaria View Post
Hey all,

I have booked my MA villa!!! I actually went with a different one than Casa Nova that is much larger, 11,000 square feet!!!
Also, it is closer to other hotels and town, as well as being brand new.

Here is the link...

Luxurious Tropical Vacation Home in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica - Elegant Home for Family Vacations in Central America, Costa Rica Ocean View Villaoverlooking Manuel Antonio National Park and Playa Espadilla, Casa Fantastico
I can't wait!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place looks ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!! How much did it cost for a week? and how many people are you having?

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Hey Janine,


The house rents for 10,000 a week. That seems like a lot, but were splitting it between 16 people, so it works out to less than 100.00 per night per person.


All the nicer hotels in the area are around 200/nt, so it's really reasonable. I think it will be so fun to have our own pool/hot tub/bar for just our friends!


We're also paying an extra 750.00 to have the wedding ceremony/reception there.


I'm hoping to have around 50 people and we're trying to do all the planning ourselves-luckily the house is so beautiful I wont need to do too much!



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What is included with the ceremony and reception? Do you pay extra for food/drinks and a chef? Also, if you have more than 16 people staying there, do you have to pay extra per person?



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