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  1. Brand new, never worn!!! Wedding was called off, dress is still at bridal store. Was to be used as maternity wedding gown for 7-mnth pregnant bride Beautiful A-line chiffon dress with sweetheart neckline and lace up back. Size: 22. Color: Ivory Perfect for destination wedding and/or maternity wedding dress Please email me if you have any questions
  2. Hey kenwedjam0902, Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. You must be really excited. I'm booked to get married October 14/11 and am in the same predicament as you. My family loves to party and dance!!! What are your plans after your reception dinner? Do you plan to rent the gazebo or are you skipping all that and going to the disco. One of our friends is a DJ back home and he is dying to play at our wedding. Not sure how this will work but I hope so!! Thanks for your help, duckkeisha
  3. Congratulations on what looked like a beautiful and memorable wedding day!!!! I'm very happy that your wedding turned out so beautifully and I can only hope to have as good a time as you did. Simone
  4. Hi funkybride, Just wondering....My family loves to dance and have fun and I don't feel that 2 hrs is enough time to dance after the dinner at the gazebo. What are you planning to do post-reception dinner? I really want to bring a friend of mine who is a DJ but I am wondering if there is room for dancing at the restaurant and also how long they let you stay after dinner b4 kicking you out? TFYH, duckkeisha
  5. Thanks Jaykay, You were right---email seems to be the only way to get in contact with them.....Finally got confirmed for Oct 14th, really wanted the 15th but that's ok.
  6. Hey GBPJ brides!! Question: How long did it take the wedding planners to finalize your wedding date? I have sent 2 faxes with our wedding info and have yet to receive a response. This wedding is kinda last minute and I really want to get started on getting invitations out!! I can never reach anyone at GBPJ when I call and have also left several messages.......Someone please help calm my nerves!!!!
  7. Hi, Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. I'm very interested in getting married @ Gran Bahia but am having a difficult time getting in contact with Beverly, the coordinator. Maybe you can help me with some of my questions: Are you having this issue as well? Where are you having your reception??? Do they give you extra time after dinner for dancing and music or do you have to pay extra??
  8. duckkeisha

    Renting a villa for wedding

    Did you end up renting the villa from CR How many guests did you have and how was your experience?? My FI and I are still unsure of where to go but those villas look like an amazing deal.
  9. duckkeisha

    Renaissance Aruba Info

    Hi everyone! My FI and I spent a 1 wk vacation @ the Renaissance and I think the Renaissance island is a perfect place to have a wedding. There are real flamingos on the beach and they decorate it beautifully with torches and candles. The resort itself is a great place with a lot of stuff for everyone to do. We saw a couple getting married there and it was truly amazing. HTH!!
  10. duckkeisha


    Thanks for the great info and congratulations on what sounded like a beautiful wedding day. I would definietly like to see photos if you don't mind and I will be sure to keep the vendors you used in mind
  11. duckkeisha


    Hi, Congrats on your wedding!!! Just wondering...do they offer all-inclusive for guests and did you choose that option?