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    Wedding Planners in Guanacaste- Recommendations?

    jaye118, All of the following have plenty of years and experience in the biz. Donna Mickley of Pura Vida Weddings only does weddings in Northern Guanacaste (Tamarindo, Flamingo, Potrero, Langosta). Costa Rica Paradise Wedding, Events & Weddings CR, Weddings Costa Rica & Tropical Occasions cover the whole country. Oasis Weddings - Manuel Antonio Prestige Weddings - Dominical
  2. Ask.CostaRica

    Need CR Wedding Location Advice

    dstanley89, Knowing that you're form California I assume that you will want your friends to be close to surf spots. Your best bet will be Tamarindo - surf out front (45min from Liberia airport). All-inclusive in Tamarindo would be Tamarindo Diria (http://www.tamarindodiria.com/costa-rica-weddings.aspx). Breakfast included only would be Capitan Suizo (http://www.hotelcapitansuizo.com/index.php?english)or you can look into villas for rent. Flamingo Beach Resort is and AI option (surf is 30min away) and Bahia Sol in Potrero (http://www.bahiadelsolhotel.com/bodas.aspx)is the not inclusive option but a great place and $$$ for a wedding. Let us klnow if you have any other questions
  3. Ask.CostaRica

    All Costa Rica Brides to be...

    ckntb, For weddings at the Riu keep in mind that they have staff photographers. If you bring someone outside the hotel there will be a fee of $200 for photographer and a day pass ($80). The flower providers are the same ones for the general area of Guanacaste so you can rest with this area, just give them specific designs you want. Here is a wedding that took place there recently. Beach is dark sand but pretty photogenic. Nice location. http://web.me.com/elvelophotography.2/Site/jennifer_%26_craig.html
  4. Ask.CostaRica

    Costa Rica Wedding

    Endearing, Hello. Congrats and thank you for choosing Costa Rica for your wedding. Here are some suggestions of where you can tie the knot and let the FI go surfing (a surfer myself). Top of the list is Tamarindo, he will be able to surf close by (the rivermouth, Playa Grande, Langosta - 30 min away, Playa Avellanas & Playa Negra. For hotels, Capita Suizo is beautiful and quiet (on the south end of Tama beach), Tamarindo Diria is AI but on the busy beach. Lots to do in Tama. Wedding at the Diria: http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/shannon_%26_angelo.html Wedding at Capitan: http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/sarah_%26_sean.html Wedding at Marrakesh Langosta (Cala Luna Point):http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/hillary_%26_jason.html Next is Malpais. Great surf all over and lots of cool rentals. It is a little hard to get to (Ferry boat ride, bad road) but part of the adventure. Lots of activities, nite life and good eats. Wedding at Casa Capitan: http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/molly_%26_patrick.html Casa March: http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/megan_%26_brent.html Wedding at Sandy Lane Estate: http://web.mac.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_%26_El_Velo_Client_Websites/tasha_%26_steve.html Let us knwo if you want to see photo samples of a specific area.
  5. Just yesterday we returned from a wedding in Dominical and an amazing villa with views of the "whale tail" beach in Uvita. We will posting that wedding soon. The wedding was coordinated by Ana Montesinos of Prestige Weddings. Unpopulated beaches, amazing wildlife, spectacular views, awesome venues, intimate celebrations (Ana manages may of them). All brides to be should look into this area more!
  6. carleyanne, Reserving is a just professional etiquette, all coordinators know each other and they just make a phone call to each other. Liquid I'm sure has a list of musicians that are in the area. Double check with them, don't want to step on their toes.
  7. Ask.CostaRica

    Music for Reception

    lstephens10, What music are you looking for? We have seen blues, reggae, salsa, you can find just about anything in CR.
  8. Ask.CostaRica

    Paradisus Playa Conchal

    The Reserva Conchal Beach Club is spectacular for receptions (either one, pool side or in the main restaurant area). Conchal Beach is one of the most beautiful and photogenic locations for a wedding (without trying to sound cliche), white sand, soft surf and not so busy with people since it is so long a beach. Main restaurant reception wedding: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/chelsea_%26_lance.html One of the Reserva Conchal managers had a garden ceremony with a poolside reception: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/colleen_%26_leo.html Playa Conchal weddings: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/rosemina_%26_matt.html#17 http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/victoria_%26_brian.html
  9. carleyanne, Make sure Liquid checks that there will be no other weddings at Cala Luna Point that day. Coordinators usually respect this if the place has a wedding going on. We have had two incidents where two weddings were taking place at the same time after it had been announced that the point was "reserved"
  10. Ask.CostaRica

    All Costa Rica Brides to be...

    Kai, A couple of things I want to shed some light on. This time of year in Manuel Antonio is hot & humid and some of the Costa Verde rooms do not have a/c (make sure you get a/c the day of while you get ready otherwise you will be sweating). It may rain but CV has a great event center. You can hold ceremony & reception there and then head down to Playa Espadilla (park entrance) with some umbrellas for some beach pics (photogs should be able to run you down to the beach for this (5min away). Here is a CV wedding: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/kim_%26_george.html I also suggest looking into Los Altos, great prices, brand new condos, Karolas Restaurant is a great venue: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/tiffany_%26_paul.html http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/valerie_%26_chris.html Don't sweat the rain so much, if it is not a down pour you can always get some nice photos. This wedding took place under a drizzle: http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/molly_%26_patrick.html
  11. Ask.CostaRica

    To All Costa Rica Brides - Early Ceremony Times

    Kai, Sunset in June is 6pm, July 5:45pm. Manuel Antonio is very tropical so count on the possibility of rain (rainy season in this area has already started - get a tent). Guanacaste gets rain a little later in the year. Weather has been wacky but we usually get an Indian Summer in July.
  12. Amy G, If you want good surfing it narrows down to one choice, Barcelo Langosta. Barrels peeling off out front. The Riu and OccGPap are about an 1 and 20min away from surf. Flamingo would be about 30 min from surf spots. Unfortunately we are not big fans of the Riu (many other photographers express the same), they treat us really badly (no bathroom or even a glass of water and this is after an $80 charge just to enter). Occidental is a beautiful location but a high tide can be an issue, check your tides. http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/jennifer_%26_donald.html Flamingo Beach Resort has amazing sunsets and it is a really pretty beach. Try not to have your wedding on a weekend, a lot of locals hit the beach during this time. They have a nice set up above the restaurant. http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/shene_%26_micha.html http://web.me.com/crwphotographystudio/CRW_&_El_Velo_Client_Websites/stephanie_%26_jedd.html
  13. Ask.CostaRica

    Paradisus Playa Conchal

    The Events, Sales and Wedding Manager, a very professional person BTW, I believe is planning on keeping her staff. We promise to keep you updated on everything.
  14. Ask.CostaRica

    Paradisus Playa Conchal

    Just an FYI I wanted to share. Managers in charge of events and weddings will be staying with the hotel (Westin), they are concerned about clients like you. They are waiting on word of this whole transition in order to give you correct response. As soon as they know you will know. We were just in their offices on fri/sat.
  15. Hello btemple. The magazine will be an e-zine (online) out middle of Nov.