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Sandos Playacar Brides!

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#591 sashk2006

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    Posted 08 November 2010 - 07:36 AM

    Nemmerz- yes you will be married on the beach :-) And I do not think you have anything worry about, Sandos is a great resort and I have heard nothing bad about the wedding coordination there. People have their preferences on where room wise they want to stay but it just depends on what you want. My guests are staying all over the resort.


    What is everyone doing to know where your guests are once they arrivve? I have people arriving on different days...

    #592 NEMMERZ

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      Posted 08 November 2010 - 01:58 PM

      I also have people arriving on different days.  I am trying not too stress out too much about it.......I figure just do one meeting a day at a designated area, or else i would image you spend your entire day greeting people.......


      If you arent able to catch them............do you have their room numbers yet?


      My guests have not actually booked it yet............i guess i should get on them about it...... :)


      I still keep wishing Grand Palliduim will open up with May 5th, I have told you girls before I am jus a lil wary about the rooms at this resort.....


      Getting married there legally is challenging....well not really.........just more expensive  :)



      #593 sashk2006

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        Posted 09 November 2010 - 10:04 AM

        Ya a designated meeting time daily might work. And I do not think there is any way to know room numbers until you get there but I may be wrong.

        #594 NEMMERZ

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          Posted 09 November 2010 - 11:42 AM



          I really think meeting people once a day is acceptable...........it is your wedding :) 


          I am now reconsidering doing a symbolic wedding because of the price associated with legal...the blood work and paper work involved is a lil pricey.


          So I am trying to find a way to convince myself that I was NOT married at home in a cheezy lil ceremony but ON the beach...LOL


          I was thinking after we get our license in our hands, we would go to the Beach get married on the beach, symbolic, and then come home and get the marriage license officated at the district magistrate when we get home.....


          Can I ask how you are handling it??


          In order to have a symbolic wedding, does MARIA need your wedding license??  I dont think so....


          #595 echraide

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            Posted 10 November 2010 - 06:54 AM

            We've bounced around on the idea of getting married pre/post wedding or going through the hassle of doing it in Mexico. I think we're going to bite the bullet and just do it in Mexico so that our guests dont feel "cheated". They are spending a lot of money to see your marriage, I guess the least I can do is actually go through the legal hassle there. Its a personal choice though

            #596 sashk2006

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              Posted 10 November 2010 - 08:19 AM

              Yes, definitely acceptable.


              And yes the blood and paper work does add up. My fiance wants to go ahead and do the justice of the piece thing now but I dont know about that. I know a few girls that didn't even get their licenses until after they got home so I am not sure how we are going to do it yet!


              Maria does not need a wedding license, I was also wondering about that but she said no.

              #597 Jennybell1

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                Posted 25 November 2010 - 04:29 PM

                We also chose not to do the "legal wedding" in Mexico due to the blood work and extra expenses and also bc I have been divorced and it is more of a hassle when your a woman and have a divorce behind you.

                We decided that we will get legally married a couple of days prior to leaving without telling anyone.  That way our guests wont feel cheated out of a wedding, and also bc the day we get married in Mexico, WILL be our wedding day to us.  No one will be able to tell that this wedding wasnt actually legal.  So why not skip the costs associated with it and get married in your home country first?  Plus...just so you know, not that any of us ever plan on getting divorced, but if you get legally married in Mexico - you have to get legally divorced in Mexico.  That means you would have to take a trip down there with your spouse to file for divorce...not my idea of fun especially being thru one already on my home turf. 

                Again not saying this will happen, but alot of marriages now end in divorce these days...I dont plan on it ever happening to me again, but that info was in the back of my mind when we planned this....Sorry if I rained on anyones parade...I just speak from experience and have that little reality check every so often.....

                #598 NEMMERZ

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                  Posted 26 November 2010 - 06:41 PM



                  I too am divorced and at first thought, I def. wanna get married legally.......but my gosh after I added up costs and legalities, and I to0...........did think about the divorce fact.........and "what if".....since you and I have been divorced we know what to expect and I think if anything should happen its best to be married in the country you plan to reside in..........


                  Again ladies........this is just OUR personal opinion and is no way intending to reflect on anyone's wishes to be legally married.ANYWHERE you desire :)


                  Jenny, we are also not going to tell anyone we will be married a few days before we leave for mexico.......we are going to get married and the magistrate's office, and I am going in regular clothes and like its just another day and just NOT listen to what HE is saying...... and do what i hafta do and pretend its only a LEGALITY......(which it is) and put my heart and soul into it on the beach at the ceremony where it will "count" in my heart and NOT on paper.......anywayz that is how I am addressing it...........


                  Everybody does it differently.....





                  #599 Jennybell1

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                    Posted 27 November 2010 - 09:51 AM

                    Hey Nem,


                    I think getting married here is a good idea - yes it will be a little weird trying to keep it as though its not a big deal and trying not to listen to the magistraite, but atleast it will be done and then I can enjoy my time down in Mexico.  I have heard a lot of girls doing the same thing as us and they just get a coule close friends to be the witnesses and then took them out from brunch afterwards.  I think that is what we might do as well.  Keep it pretty basic but also thank them for being there for us too, even if it really wont be our wedding date.


                    On a side note....just booked my wedding with Maria yesterday and put deposits down with my TA...a whole 14 months away...haha!  So we are now booked for Jan 19, 2012!!!!


                    So excited....but its so far away......atleast it actually feels real now....before it just seemed like we were planning for a day that was never going to come!

                    #600 Kerrie26

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                      Posted 27 November 2010 - 01:28 PM

                      Hi everyone,


                      Just thought id post on here to say hi! Just had my wedding confirmed for 2nd December 2011 at the Sandos! 32 of us confirmed at the moment travelling from the UK for 2 weeks, cant wait!


                      Kerrie xx

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