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babylabels.com ** do not use! terrible customer service! **

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I placed an order with BabyLabels.com on 9/3/08. I was unable to get her paypal to work after several tries, so I finally mailed a check on 9/19/08. My check has yet to clear. I called several times to see if she received my check, with no luck of getting in touch with her.


On 10/24/08 after not hearing one word from her, I tried paypal again and it worked. My payment was processed on 10/29/08. I have called her at least 8 times and left message after message. I've sent 7 e-mails asking for a status on my order. She has yet to return a call or respond to my e-mails.


So now I've paid for my items and I have a check roaming around somewhere, and because I've had zero contact, I have no clue if she's received it and is just hanging on to it or if it's lost and I need to cancel it.


While I understand she is a small company, this is the absolute worse customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life!!! Who runs a business and completely ignores a customer for 2 months?? Seriously!!


I was very excited to get these waterproof labels (for bottles) and use them so I could come and tell you girls about them, but I will not be recommending this business to anyone!!!!


It is so frustrating to leave message after message and e-mail after e-mail to someone who COMPLETELY IGNORES you. Argghhh.... girl_werewolf.gif All I want is my lables I've already paid for so I can be done with this lady.


Babylabels - iron on & stick on waterproof labels!

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