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Originally Posted by tcram View Post
They look great! Just one grammar error I saw on the accomodations page, you have A all inclusive resort complex and it should be An all inclusive resort complex...
Thank you. My grammar is just awful! wink.gif

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Originally Posted by xoxo1441 View Post
I want to do pretty much the same thing! May I ask how much they are costing you?
Since I made the template myself and my FMIL, FSIL, Mom and sister will all be helping me cut and assemble them, my only cost is paper and ink. BUT I have not priced out the printing professionally. blush2.gif

Here are my best guesses at this point if I print them myself (including ink costs):
  • Boarding passes (2 pages) - $0.50
  • Ticket Jacket - $0.30
  • Envelope - $0.40 (might be a bit less depending on the type)

So each one assembled before postage should cost me $1.20.

Is that what you needed to know? Carla wink.gif

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These look amazing - I am new to the forum and keen to see more of the boarding pass invites - they look awesome. Was going to make the flight number in to a bit of a game to introduce guests - ie: since my guest list is so small 25 people, I can probably think of something funny or embarrassing of each one. The flight number will be pulled out of a hat and then I have to disclose what they did/ how I know them / etc...haven't thought it out yet..


Any ideas.


Would love to see a template of a boarding pass by more people if poss




(getting married 7th January 2009 in Azul Beach Mexico)

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