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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by slapsappyhappy Does anyone know if guests staying somewhere else can purchase day passes for days other than the wedding? I want my aunt to come to the rehearsal dinner and maybe a brunch the next morning but if they can only come in for the wedding that will be a problem! She booked at a different resort through her timeshare, even though I highly discouraged it, but wants to buy a guest pass for herself and my cousins. Does anyone who has gotten married there know? I just got married at MP in October. Yes, your guests can purchase a daypass for whatever day they want to come to the resort. It is effective from like 7am-12am and have access to everything at the resort. They have to buy one for each day they would be visiting. You would need to give the names to your WC and then it will make the process a lot easier. I also had a professional photographer/videographer shoot my wedding-so I bought them daypasses. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by livinlife Ok, so I'm pretty new to this forum (or any forum for that matter) but i'm starting to get a little worried. Are there any Secrets Silversands brides out there? I chose that Hotel because it is very contemporary looking, good food choices etc. Beach is not as good as Maroma but it is not as expensive as Maroma. The resort is pretty new.. From what I've read it opened in 2009. Nevertheless I don't hear anyone else planning a trip there or their wedding there so I'm wondering if there's something i'm missing.?? Help! I stayed (did not get married) at Secret Silversands in February. The crowd is definately, mostly older...40-60's on average. My fiance is 30, I am 26-we felt out of place. The rooms are really nice, food was ok. The mexican restaurant was the best, by far. The other ones were ok. You can lay out on the beach but not too much swimming. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I also have pictures of rooms, etc.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ashleed I have noticed that there are brides that hired outside photographers in which I am so confused....the information I received said no outside vendors were permitted. Is this something new? Does anyone know who the hotel photographer is? Does anyone have more pics? (Sorry....if this has been answered before, I'm new) You just have to buy a guest pass for the outside photographer.
  4. Can you send me some pics pleaseeeee? Anna.Aldridge@hotmail.com Quote: Originally Posted by HaleGrifa Thank you! I loved my bouquet too - just what I asked for. I am in the middle of getting my pics organized - I am sending a mailing to my guests that includes a cd & pre-paid envelope to have them send me their photos taken during the trip. As well, our professional photographers are currently working on our pics!!! Once all of this is a little better organized, I will be sending packages to our guest and be posting online. Pics - I am all about the pictures - but once you get home you think you will have all of this time to get all of the fun post-wedding items started - but you are soo busy just relishing in the wonder of your wedding and family trip of a lifetime. Besides it is difficult to get back into the swing of things. I will do my best ladies to speed things up - as I know being a bride how much we all want to see them to get an idea of our day. Send me your email and I will attach some pics for you. MP is amazing! Our Wedding was Magical! Wishing you all the best Laura
  5. MP Brides, what did you guys do for fun once the reception? My guests are not going to go to bed at 10 or 11. How far is Moons from "fun"? Is DT Cancun close or are there bars/clubs open late at the resort?
  6. Hi Everyone, I had to switch from Cabo to Cancun...long story. Anyways, I am working on getting booked at the Moons Palace. Can anyone recommend an outside WC to me? Do I even need one? I am going there for a site visit in March, so I figured a WC could help out a ton! I appreciate any feedback!
  7. Hi everybody, I was interested in having my reception at the Iberostar Maya-but I read that they do not have receptions in any "open-air" areas. I wanted it to be on the beach or like an open-terrace. Does anyone know if any of the Iberostar's have open-air areas for receptions, such as the beach? Also, if we do not do it here due to that, what other all-inclusive resort do you recommend in either RM or Cancun? Thanks so much for your help!
  8. Hi! Does anyone have any referrals for a wedding designer/coordinator for Cabo? I am having my wedding at Dreams
  9. Hi Brides! I am getting married at Dreams Cabo on 10/23/09. Does anyone know any Wedding Designers/Coordinators that I can hire? Any referrals would greatly help! Also, has anyone hired one when they had their wedding at Dreams? Does Dreams get upset or anything?
  10. Hi Everyone! My fiance, Mike and I are getting married at Dreams Cabo on 10/23/09 Can't decide between Juan Tapia or Mango photography? Any advice?
  11. Amazing! I want to do pretty much the same thing! May I ask how much they are costing you? You can send it to me privately, if you would like. Thanks!
  12. Hey Salomah! Did you get any type of discount for your site visit at Dreams?
  13. Juan Carlos Tapia would be the other option! I would hope that Mango's package would be better to get both video/pics together!
  14. Great information! Did Dreams give you a discount for doing a site visit before the wedding?
  15. Question-total ESTIMATION...what does the average stay cost for a guest. For example, (of course I am going to do my research) but how much should I be telling people it is going to cost them to stay at Dreams...for about a week? Again, just an round-about estimate? Also, I know my guests will want to keep on partying the night of the reception-what is there to do? Is there anything I can rent out at Dreams after the reception for late night "partying" or anything?
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