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travel candle tins?

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has anyone found travel candle tins and if so, where? i want to include them in my OOT bag but i can't find any under 3 bucks on the internet. next stop the dollar store but wanted to check here first to see if anyone has had any luck. thanks!

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I got mine at Target. I am putting them in our OOT bags. They are $9.99 for a package of 5 candle tins. They are "highly scented with nature inspired fragrances". They smell great! They come in 5 scents: olive and sage, orange and clove, mint and basil, grapefruit and ginger, and lavender and vanilla.


There is one of each scent in the package. They have their own labels, but are easily removable if you want to put on your own label.


They are small, but all the better for transporting them down there. They are 2" in diameter and 1 1/4" tall.


Here is the link...


Target : Set of 5 Candle Tins - Vanilla/Spice

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Here is my list of travel candles:


blissweddingmarket.com$43/50small 2x1

beau-coup.com.80/1small 2x1

beau-coup.com4.50/1bigger w/label 2.25x2

favoraffair.com2.75/1small w/label 2x1

cherishedweddingfavors.com2.31/1small w/label 2x1

americanbridal.com 2.70/1small w/label 2x1

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