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I need advice, please!

About 50% of our guests will need to obtain a visa to enter Nevis and attend our wedding. (We have guests coming from 4 different continents.)

I have no clue how long it takes to obtain a visa for entry into St. Kitts and Nevis.

Because of this we want to allow our guests sufficient time to get this. That being said, how far in advance should we send out Save the dates?

I was thinking of sending them out early next year giving guests 19 months to obtain visas mainly but also to get their acts together to be a part of our wedding. My mom thinks this is too much time. Is it?

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Thanks for your reply. I did visit the SKB ministry of tourism site that you shared, however it does not indicate how long the process takes for those who need to apply for a visa; which is why I feel we should give guests more than 12 months to take care of it.


I figured everyone won't be as "wedding happy" as we are. Meaning they won't be running to send off for a visa ASAP. I was thinking giving people extra time would allow them to take care of it in a timely yet relaxed fashion.


Maybe I'm just dreaming and those who beef it be procastinate until the very last minute.

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