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    So What do you do for a living?

    Wow, you guys have some really interesting jobs. I'm a socio-economic researcher. Although I have been unemployed for over three months due to budget cuts. As boring as it sounds and was some days I actually miss it! My FI is a system network engineer AKA computer nerd.
  2. We are planning on going along with three other couples.
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  4. They look great and such a steal!
  5. Yes. We went to FI's brother's wedding in Jamaica. We were just invited to a destination wedding in Zimbabwe. The couple met working together in Zimbabwe but are from Houston, TX (her) and Paris, France (him). Since they started dating and spent 98% of their relationship in Zimbabwe they have decided to marry there. Although they were just transfered to France recently for work. Should be really interesting! I'm excited to be a guest and visit Zimbabwe.
  6. nevisbride2010

    did you VOTE yet?

    I haven't voted yet but I plan to early this evening. I have never voted in this state as I was previously registered in FL. I was talking to my mom last night who said she has never in her life voted! She is 56 years old! I couldn't believe it. She is not a US citizen although she has lived here legally since she was 20. She is a British citizen. I guess back them you had to be 21 to vote in the UK. She doesn't want to become a US citizen so I guess she'll never vote.
  7. I think you could do many different things with it depending on what you wanted the final product to look like. You could have them printed on cardstock with the wedding information directly on top of the image. You could make the image the front of a postcard or even a folded card. If you wanted to do magnets you could print the image on a magnet and type the information over the image again. You could have the image printed on cardstock and use a vellum over it with the information. This would allow the image to come through the vellum while not distorting your information or the image and such. I think the possibilities are numerous depending on how creative you want to get.
  8. nevisbride2010

    Any other 2010 Brides out there????

    I'm also a 2010 bride! Hopefully July 31, 2010. Like so many of you, we can't confirm the date as of yet since its too early. So far I have a guest list together. We have booked a photographer who will be traveling down with us. I hope to confirm our date in early January to be able to make STDs shortly after and get them out!
  9. nevisbride2010

    January 2010 Bride ... location, somewhere amazing

    Welcome! My name is also Belle and I'm a planning a 2010 wedding too! I'm new too! The Ice Hotel is amazing. I've always wanted to stay there. It would make for a beautiful wedding even if its only open three months out of the year. Happy planning!
  10. Thanks for your reply. I did visit the SKB ministry of tourism site that you shared, however it does not indicate how long the process takes for those who need to apply for a visa; which is why I feel we should give guests more than 12 months to take care of it. I figured everyone won't be as "wedding happy" as we are. Meaning they won't be running to send off for a visa ASAP. I was thinking giving people extra time would allow them to take care of it in a timely yet relaxed fashion. Maybe I'm just dreaming and those who beef it be procastinate until the very last minute.
  11. I'm new myself but... Congratulations and welcome.
  12. That's really cute and unique.
  13. nevisbride2010

    Hey everyone!! Jamaica Bride to Be 2010

    Im a July 2010 bride too! Not in Jamaica though. Welcome.
  14. nevisbride2010

    Introduction---another Dreams Puerto Aventuras bride!

    Welcome and happy planning.
  15. nevisbride2010

    Hello from Zelo Photography!

    Welcome Seth!