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Annoyed photographer... how do I fix? *long*

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#11 Yari

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    Posted 31 October 2008 - 05:18 PM

    I agree with everyone else!! Don't feel bad.

    #12 1elephant

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      Posted 31 October 2008 - 05:57 PM

      ditto here. you shouldn't be apologizing - why should you apologize for their lack of communication?

      #13 lizzie287

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        Posted 31 October 2008 - 06:50 PM

        Originally Posted by Cattie
        Wow, I'd be a little ticked also. 25 days to respond is uncalled for. If they're taking that long to respond to an email, how long is it going to take for you to get your pictures back? I'm far from diplomatic, because, well I don't see that you did anything wrong either. I would say the hell with having them do an additional hour shoot for another time. Was it in your package? If so, ask the venue if there is a way to give you a credit due to the poor service you received from the photographer to use toward something else for your wedding day.

        If they took that long to get back to you, and are bitter because you went with someone else, what kind of job are they actually going to do for your shoot? If I'm looking to hire you, I feel that more then 3 days to get back to me is uncalled for. They are providing a service, they should be prompt, or at least somewhat timely. If they can't, well they should really take a look at there business.

        Not that I really helped, but I couldn't help but speak my mind! It was a rough night at work! I hope everything works out for you
        I agree 100% with this. Customer service is key, for me anyway, and if they can't get back to you within a reasonable amount of time (I'm a little harsh - 24 hours for me unless there's a reasonable reason) then forget it. I really don't think you have anything to apologize for, and I agree that if you're flying someone in, there's really no sense in using 2 photographers anyway.

        #14 zorlack76

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          Posted 31 October 2008 - 11:47 PM

          Let me put it like this. If they took that long to get back to you, then they probably arent in a huge need of your business. If I was running a business, and someone had an inquiry, I would get back to them asap because they are potential revenue. A lot of good points have been made here. If they took that long to get back to you, how long is it going to take to get your pics back. When you do get them back, are you going to be satisfied?? Probably not. I recommend doing what Morgan said. Most resorts will work with you on swapping out your photographer for audio/visual equipment. If you are flying in a photographer, they will probably have some spare time to do an extra hour long session. But I totally recommend skipping the people who didnt get back to you for a month...thats B.S.

          #15 dursula

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            Posted 01 November 2008 - 06:26 PM

            WOW... You all are amazingly fast!

            Thanks ladies, I've mentioned the idea of just dropping the use of the resort-related photographer all together and FH and I are still debating. The consensus from everyone does seem to be not to bother!

            Basically we feel that since we're paying for the service through our wedding package, that we should be getting that service. Unfortunately, the resort said no to substitutions otherwise, we would have been happy to be using the cost towards something else! The photog already mentioned that the 1hr-photo session would NOT include the 36shot photo album that's part of the package... I wonder if I could use this for some wiggle room on letting us off the hook... BUT the last thing I'd want is to use the other photog!

            Someone brought up this issue from another forum: whether my current photog might be insulted that I am even thinking of still using the hotel-related photog. And I agree that my main concern should be about my current photographer! She's already providing full wedding day coverage and a 3hr'ish trash the dress session, so I didn't want to saddle her with another 1hr engagement session. I should ask her how she feels about me using the hotel-related photographer for the engagement shoot! If she's not happy then definitely scrappy scrappy!

            If we do use the hotel-related photog, it's only an hour of our time the day before, maybe we can still get some good shots, but you're right that I shouldn't hold my breath about their quality or getting anything back from them quickly.

            And since the consensus also seems that I don't need to offer them an apology... I'm not gonna offer anything more than a "I'm sorry that you're disappointed"!

            I will post on what we decide to do... or do since this debate might take a while!

            #16 ChristineFarah

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              Posted 21 November 2008 - 08:45 PM

              I agree with all of the other ladies. Do not apologize for their lack of communication. I really think you should forgo having the 1 hr session because most likely they won't deliver since their heart won't be in it. Just be grateful for your new awesome photographer and don't sweat the small stuff. :)

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