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OMG - Possibly Fantastic News!


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Some of you probably know about the fact that FI & I lost our huge contract in August. It was really shady and under the table the way it happened. We tried to get the contract replaced with one from a different company and couldn't. It was 80% of our income just GONE. I was devastated. FI's mom said we should file a class action lawsuit with all the other photographers & talent effected by it. Basically they told us last minute that they were replacing all the freelancers with a franchise that's $60K to buy into and totally not worth the money. Well, we didn't think we had much of a case at that point... because of the written contract.


Well, the talent that we were working with hired a public relations firm and a lawyer, and the public threw a fit that he'd been let go! Needless to say that less than 48 hours from this being published in the Washington Post, front page on Yahoo, AOL and other publications, he has his contract back! I'm thrilled, and praying that we are next! We really had to cut back on our wedding plans because of all of this... and that's really put a damper on things.


We have a call into the lawyer and public relations firm. Keep your fingers crossed that they can get our contract back for us too!

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Originally Posted by becks View Post
Wait - is this the Santa at Tyson's Corner?
Yes!!! Eeek! I am so excited! I left a comment on one of the press pages and sent a report the "rest of the story". The whole thing was really scummy and underhanded.

We are so happy he has his contract back for this year, but what about next year? What about the rest of our staff? They didn't offer to help us out and they told us far too late.
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We just heard back from the lawyer. She told us to contact a lawyer locally, and the only reason she did it for him (pro-bono) is that it was such an easy win since he would easily be seen as a "public hero".


She also said that since our name wasn't actually mentioned in the articles that we don't have much recourse from the press received.




FI & I will be discussing today whether or not to talk to a local lawyer. We need to re-look over our contract. It's funny that we saved the company last year and a new location and this is the thanks we got!


I just sent a response to the local AP Press. We'll see if they cover the rest of the story, that could help us out a lot!

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