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Hello Ladies!


I plan to send out a post card to remind folks to book their travel (and give them a deadline) and to make sure they get their passports. I planned to send it out in January sometime (my wedding is in June). I don't plan to send out a formal invite to the wedding just because it is going to be so small, I plan to have a get together for everyone to get their OOT bags and pre-travel info and I figured there is no point in a formal invite.


But I also plan to send an invite for my AHR and I wondered if since the AHR will be in July (when a lot of people go on vacation) if I should just combine the post card and invite into one envelope and send it in January or if I should wait to send the AHR invite until closer to the summer (and have it say that we are on our trip to get married, join us when we get back, etc...)


I hope that made sense!!

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This is funny... you pretty much have got my thinking down to a T. I didn't bother with big STD's or anything like that ... I actually just sent them happy emails from smilebox I found reminding them about the date and to make sure they had their passports ready for fun.


The other part which is this weekend is all my OOT bags will be passed out since I leave in 2 weeks. Also, yesterday I just finally ordered all out formal invites for the AHR in January. They should arrive before we leave and one of my gf's who is not coming is sending them out for us letting them all know we are off to be married.


I wouldn't worry about it ... just go with the flow of things... and send happy notes when the time gets close... makes things easier and you won't feel you have to remind everyone, (my thinking) .. just spread it out and enjoy!!!

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