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Question for Photographers


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I have a question....


I was given this price list directly from a photographer and I want to know your opinion on the packages. I really want to get the most bang for my buck and I'm not sure if this is a good deal. I really like their photos but I also don't know if 120 photos is enough....


I am getting married in PV and if you have any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. ( I am looking for a photographer there, I can't afford to fly one in). I am also looking for an artsy/photojournalistic style.




PHOTOGRAPHYProfesional photographerMaster photographerOptionHours

40 original hi-res. pictures on CD$400 usd$ 800 usdA1

80 original hi-res. pictures on CD$800 usd$ 1,200 usdB2

120 original hi-res. pictures on CD$1,200 usd$ 1,800 usdC4

Extra pictures$ 12 usd$ 20 usd each

Extra hour$ 80 usd$ 120 usd




Basic digital retouch included: balance of light, color, brightness and contrast.





Digital albums:

40 pictures album 10 pages 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch: $ 400 usd

60 pictures album 10 pages 12.5 inch x 12.5 inch: $ 560 usd



Glossy, matte or metallic paper

4x6 size: $ 1usd each6x8 size: $ 3 usd each8x12 size: $ 12 usd each


Black and white:

Copy of all of the pictures included in the chosen package converted into b/w:

$ 240 usd

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to be honest im a little confused by the pricing.


its says: "Extra pictures $ 12 usd $ 20 usd each" - so is that $12 or $20 usd?


depending on the wedding and there are a lot of variables i usually deliver between 500-900 pics. that would mean by those prices i should charge upto $15,000 or so. 120 pictures does not seem like many to me. so lets say you want 100 more photos. then it could be up to $2000 more? and how do you know if you are going to want more? online proofing?


and what is the basic hour amount? and increments? and are extra hours $80 or $120? this is confusing to me. maybe if you post the entire pricelist and not just part of it i could be of more help. sorry! let me know if you post more info.

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I think there is one price for the Professional Photographer (first column) and a higher price for the Master Photographer (second column). This could be a good option for you though if you can get some things clarified. Make sure that everything you agree upon with the photographer is written in the contract. This could be a reputable photographer, or it could also be someone who will hold your images hostage until you pay them what you want, so it is always best to get everything in writing. Are they associated with the hotel or independent? I am not sure why some photographers put a specific number of images in a package (Leigh, do you know why they do this? I only really see it in destination packages) Also ask them to see a complete wedding from both the Professional and Master photographer and also make sure the images you see are those of the photographer who will be there to photograph your wedding. In this case, you may also want to ask for references.


If you can find out what album company they are using, we can probably tell you more about the quality. An Asukabook album, for example, may be worth $400, but an album picked up at walmart with the images taped in would not.


Also ask whether the 40, 80 or 120 photos is everything they shoot or after editing out the bad ones.

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You are right, he price difference are for professional/master photographers. IMO, i thought it was a bit pricey compared to what I have seen in other photographers packages. I'd rather pay a photographer 3500 for 500-900 images than to pay 1800 for just 120. All images are on CD, non on hard copy. Do photographer usually include hard copies plus what is on the cd or just the cd?


Any recommendations on any pv photographers?

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Since this question is directed at photographers and I am a photographer in Los Cabos, I will offer my thoughts for you. I don't have all the information but I can isolate what I know from your post.


First off, what could possibly be the difference between a 'professional' photographer and a 'master' photographer. Sounds like marketing 101 to me. If you were to choose the 120 photo package from the 'master' your minmum cost would be $1800 USD (if I am reading this correctly) and that is simply not value for your money. That works out to $15 per photo! How many hours with he/she be there for. Is there enough time scheduled to get all the important shots? Assuming this is four hours of coverage I would typically have between 400-500 'keepers" (photos) for the couple of their wedding. Ask about copyright (who will own the photos) because YOU should own them.


Here is a suggestion. Create your own wedding photography package and ask the hotel to price it out. Hope this helps a little bit. If you have any further questions please ask.

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