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Anyone bored and want to help me find a pair of earrings and bracelet, I am not planning on wearing a necklace. I have looked at so many online I am not getting confused. The dress has swavorski crystals no pearls I was originally thinking of going with a light blue crystal but now I don't know.


Here is my dress:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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It's easy to get overwhelmed!


There is always Etsy.


Have you tried going to any local department stores to see any in person?


My set was from:

Pearl Jewelry, Sterling Silver and Bridal Jewelry, Charms and quality Fashion Jewelry at Carolee


They are kinda pricey on the web but I got mine 50% off at Dillards in the store. My earrings and bracelet together were less than $100, maybe even less than $75. I don't remember!

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once i went on ebay i got a few ideas. i won the bid on 1 so i'll let you know the quality when i receive them. do you want long or short earings? i spend all night looking online for my jewlery. here are some sites i looked at.




Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Sets, Swarovski Bridal Jewelry


Clear rhinestone earrings at TheFind.com - search, discover and compare prices[pagenum]=5


Bridal Jewelry - Wedding Jewelry - Jewelry Sets - Jewelry Home

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thanks for the sites there are some great ones. I would like long ones. When I tried on my dress I thought I would wear aqua crystal long earrings bc FI was going to wear blue now he his not sure so now I think I might do crystal and then do a colored flower in hair.

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