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Boarding Pass Folders... How Do I Make Them?

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Hi Ladies!

Sorry if this has already been asked, but how do I do the folders / envelope thingees that the boarding passes go into? Is there a tutorial on here anywhere? I am finished my boarding passes and am ready to design the folder part now. Just need a bit of guidance.


Thanks for your help!!

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Its basically just a piece of paper folded into thirds. Any text on the center part or the back side of the folder would be up right. Any text on the top part (or the front of the folder) and the bottom part (or the inside of the folder) would be upside down.

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If you want me to play around with my template for you just let me know...


Its kinda weird looking. I have lines to cut so there are tabs so that you can make like a real pocket... Might be easier if you just center the boxes and forget about the tabs and just fold the paper in thirds and cut off that one corner.

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