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Originally Posted by cessyboston View Post
hi girls ...another cute idea has anyone made coasters or napkins of the ingredients of there singature drinkhuh.gif if so any idea how much or a great web sitehuh.gif thank you erica
I just got a "Now & Forever" catalog that had this in them. They priced it at $18.00 per 100 colored napkins, plus $10.00 for the additional drink scripting.

I'd bet they could be found even cheaper tho.... these invitation/wedding supply catalogs can be pricier on stuff...

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I am planning on doing a signature drink and will probably have my friend be in charge of that because she loves doing mixed drinks. We are having a small group for the DW and really casual so we are actually just making all the food ourselves. I haven't told her yet but I know she'll be excited about it.

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