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Trisha0612's Planning Thread *PIC HEAVY*

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Wow! Everything looks fantastic! You did an amazing job planning all the little details. Your guests will have a great time. Can't wait to see the wedding pics. Have a safe flight.

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Thank you so much!!! I"ve worked my @ss off the last couple of weeks trying to finally pull everything together.


The cake boxes are from Michaels and I just made the label and printed them out on sticker paper from Staples


The towels were ordered from Geiger...some company FI goes through for his promotional stuff...they were pretty expensive but since FI knows the guys he through in those towel bags for free (that's why they aren't our color but still very cool!)


The pouches for the ladies I orded from USBOX they were actually really cheap and I did the iron on thing (paper from staples) to put on the names...


I did everything myself except for the invites....WOW....I'm pretty proud of myself considering I have NEVER done anything DIY b/c I have no patience..


And the pug..well...sorry ladies..you can't buy a princess like that just anywhere! msnwink.gif

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