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Legal Paper work - Sask Brides?

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Hi everyone..


if there are any Saskatchewan brides who got married in Mexico (mayan) please walk me through the process of paper work. We don not have a travel agent or wedding planner.. we are doing it all on our own.


I have some infor from the wedding co-ordinator at the resort, but I want to ensure I have all my paperwork in order (birth certificates ordered, translated, etc)


I only have 4 months, if someone can walk me through the process I would be very grateful...





Nicole & Owen

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I'm an AB bride (now married) and here's what I had to do:


1. Hired a certified translator (make sure that translator is certified--you will need documentation!) to translate our birth certificates. Got the translator to write and sign an affidavit for the translations ($70 for Translation).

2. Took the translator to our lawyer to raise her hand that translations were done by her. Got our lawyer to Notarize translated copies of the birth certificates and English copies of the birth certificates. You will need the lawyer's registration number to present to the Consulate ($20 for Notarization).

3. Took the 4 copies of birth certificates to Mexican Consulate in Calgary (you will have to find the Consulate in Sask) and got them to legalize the documents (put a gold seal on each of the 4 notarized copies) ($120 for Legalization).


When I was trying to contact the Consulate, I phoned the Sask office and I seem to recall them saying that the documents had to be Authenticated before they could be Legalized, if you are from Sask (not necessary for AB and BC residents). If this is the case (please confirm), you will have to send the Notarized docs to Ottawa to be Authenticated beforehand (the authentication process takes 2 weeks and costs ~$50/document).


I had a wedding planner coordinate the paperwork once we arrived in Mexico (we handed her the 4 documents, copies of our passports, and information about our parents and witnesses). Our wedding planner coordinated the officiant, the wedding license, the bloodwork appointment, and all of the wedding festivities. I'm not sure how to go about doing all of this without a wedding planner! Good luck!



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Wow, that's pretty complicated. All we have to do is show up with our birth certificates (the long form one with parental information) and passports and the resort takes care of the rest of it for us. And that's with both of us having been divorced before. I would recommend asking your hotel wedding co-ordinator specific questions to clarify what they need. Each resort seems to handle the paperwork differently.



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Ours is the same as jcarsons. Our birth certificates in long form (english only which I ordered online) and our passports. Our WC said that the smaller wallet sized-ones would be OK if we couldn't get the full notarized ones in time.


Our friends got married at the Grand Sirenis (Tulum) last November and only needed wallet-sized BCs and passports as well..

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thanks everyone!! It really seeems to vary... but I do feel better that if I do have to do all the paperwork (birthcertificate translation, etc) that the consulate replys in a timely manner...

thanks so much.. you have all put my mind at ease...


I am in contact with the wedding planner, trying to get 'my resorts' requirement...

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Thank you...Thank you... Thank you


I have been searching this forum and the internet for relevant info on how to have a civil marriage and the documents required for PDC, MX. So much frustration but then I found this thread. FI and I are Cdns living in the US.


I have called numerous government agencies in Canada and Mexico trying to get a straight answer. Each time I call I get a different answer as to what I need to do. I'm from AB and FI from MB so it appears like we need to send our long form, birth certificates to Ottawa to get them authenticated, then Foreign Affairs Canada sends them to the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa for the apostille and then the Mexican Embassy mails the documents back to us in a postage paid envelope we provided originally.


Now I am not a gambler but... what are the chances this goes well and the paperwork is not lost by multiple government agencieshuh.gif I was also told a 2 month process. I have yet to figure out when or where to get them translated to Spanish b/c we are in the US and have to mail everything back to Canada. FI and I will eventually figure it out because it is important for us to have the civil ceremony in Playa del Carmen.


So best of luck, it all works out in the end...eventually. Ha Ha

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I have actually been in contact from a girl in Manitoba who got married there too... and she too.. said it was as easy as taking the documents (marraige certificate) to the 'courthouse' when she got home...


I am wondering if at 'one time' all the paper work (birth certificates were needed.. prior to passports being almost manditory....) but right now I am waiting for my resort to respond about details...


SO I'm guessin it's whatever the resort says... some want all the birth certificates and some don't... as long as it is considered LEGAL down there.. it'll be fine up here...


As I understand it the birth certificates need to translated to spanish from english prior to be sent to Mexican Consulate, get the 'frame size' as it is not as long as the 'long form' and would be less $$ to translate. I found a translator (certifided) at the University... I looked under 'translator' in the yellow pages and found "Association of Translators and Interpreters of Sask" contacted them and I got in contact with a certifided translator...


Then make sure you have the 'three business days' in Mexico for you and your wintnesses covered and is should all be good.


congrats, and good luck!



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