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Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Brides post here

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Hi Ladies,


I noticed quite a few people mentioning photographers and for those of you who have not decided yet, I just wanted to give everyone a great recommendation for the photographer we are using, Bellathee (Belathée Photography - New York). She is actually based out of Seattle, but also works in NYC as well since her business partner is there. She will be traveling down to Blue Bay for 3 days to cover a good portion of our weekend events, plus the wedding. We also got pretty lucky and she will be doing our engagment shoot here in NYC since she is out here sometimes with her business partner being here. All of this for less than $5000, which I thought was amazing. I don't mean for this to sound like a sales pitch, but she has been great to work with so far and very professional. There are 2 photographers, Dorothee and Annabel. Dorothee is the one doing our wedding, but I have met them both and they are great. Hope that helps!


I also recently received some pics of the flower arrangements for centerpieces if anyone needs those....


Nurse, good luck with your wedding! Hope everything is amazing for you. Would love to hear about it when you get back and see pics.

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AMC83, Thanks so much for sending me pictures of BB


Jojo, thanks so much for attaching all the bouquet and cake pics! That helps a lot!


If anyone can attach any of the reception pics it may be easier for anyone to view them (I know a lot of you keep emailing them to all of us). All of you have been such a big help with everything....thanks!

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