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  1. Hi Ladies, It's been awhile since I've been on this forum...been busy with work and moving. It's a little more than a couple weeks away for me. Didn't want to count the exact days so that I don't freak myself out...hahaha... I'm currently working with Candy on reception venues. We're not doing a private reception to cut cost. Also working on flower, cake and menu details. Just wanted to say HI. Mexicana Bride, I'm so happy that your wedding is so close to mine...feel less alone somehow :-)
  2. Hi Kerri, Thanks so much for sharing the photos!! Did you happened to ask for the price of the bouquets and table arrangement? Do you know if the resorts makes the wedding program and menu card (as part of the wedding service)? Ladies, Just found out last Friday that Signature vacations does not do Blue Bay anymore. So, the TA had to frantically find other options for me. Luckily Transat was able to price match but we're now leaving for MR 2 days earlier. So, I'm in the midst of changing my wedding date by a day! Another head ache. On a happier note, I'm thinking of ideas for the OOT bags and favours. Having trouble finding mini aloe vera gel (for burns) and mini sunscreen for the OOT. As for the favour, my FH really wants to give away locally made photo frames but I don't want to have to go looking for them when we get there. So, I'm gonna have to find frames here. Any ideas on where to get these things? JO
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BBtoB I got USB flash drives for picture sharing. I got a really good deal on them. I thought these would be a nice add in for our OOT bags. The USB idea is great. I thought of that as well but don't know where to get them for cheap. Any ideas?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by LAURENANDBILL we are doing a few different ones life savers with out names on them with flip flop picture candle shaped like a beach chair personalized mini sunscreen.they are pink with our names and flip flops sugar cookies with our names and dates shaped like sandels also lemonade packets personalized.. we will put everything in a little gift bag Hi, Everthing that you've listed here is very similar to what I had in my mind for my OOT bags. Where did you get the personalized mini sunscreen and lemonade packets. I'm also looking for mini aloe vera gel (for burns) but can't seem to find any. Any tips would be much appreciated! JO
  5. You have definitely have plenty of time...so, don't worry :-) We only booked in Mar 09 for Nov 09. But you're doing the right thing by researching for your resort now! JO
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bclrgrl Hey Gals! I have not been on here for a while, I also have done nothing and now there are only 4 months left! I really need to hire a photographer.... Any thoughts? Also can anyone give me any tips on what I should be doing here before I go? I have done nothing other than pick my package and dress! The last year just flew by and now I'm nervous! LOL! bclrgrl, I know eh...how time flies. We have was tosing between Citali Rico from Claudia Photography and Cecilia Dumas for awhile. We are close to deciding on one and booking this week.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by krs182 melanieS, thanks for the info! And to repeat jojo, if you know where they had their receptions that would be great to know! Also, thanks for the details on the fire dancers and the ball lights, that sounds very cool and something we would love to have at ours...any more details on that wedding? any pics by chance? Hey, I would like to find more info on the ball lights. Something that I'd like to do if it's not too pricey. Let me know what you find out and I will keep you posted as well. JO
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by steph13 Does anynone know if they have someone at the resort to do hair? It's so hard picking a resort! So many decisions! Has anyone looked into Cozumel at all? The spa at the resort do hair. I will attach the spa pricing but I don't know if the pricing is still current. I don't have a name of a spa person to recommend to you. Maybe the other ladies do. As for Cozumel, I didn't look into it at all b'cos I wanted something closer to Playa. BBGE Spa list.doc
  9. MelanieS, Thanks so much for the tips! Do you remember where the two wedding parties had their reception? Was there an actual gazebo for the ceremony or was there a chupah type set up for the beach ceremony? Thanks again!
  10. I haven't booked a photographer..was very close to booking one until the stupid virus came to the media. We thought of holding off the photographer b'cos changing countries did cross our minds. Did you know that in the 60's 200 ppl in the US got infected with the swine flu and from 2005 to 2009, there's been cases reported...this bloody thing has been around but definitely got blown out of proportion this past week! For all we know, most of those ppl who were most severely affected work very closely with pig farms.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by pribrzl Hi Ladies. Less than a month away and I am freaking out!!!! All this talk about the epidemic in MX and the potential of a stop on traveling is ruining my final stretch of planning.....I don't know what to do. Anyone has any good words to share? Also, just want you guys to know that I am a bit frustrated with the resort, as they are not willing to negotiate the group rate with me. I signed the contract back in September for the room block at $110 per person, double occupancy. Some of my guests (I also saw it after checking it) a cheaper rate directly at BBGE web site. I have been back and forth with Talina (new Wedding Manager) and also Roberto Citron, Director of Sales. They are not going to lower my rate, even though we have a pretty big group (over 120 people)!!! Hi response was that he was going to ask his webmaster to change the price in the web site - what kind of customer service is that? I saw a few weeks ago a rate of $160 per couple for the garden suite....Considering all the bad publicity about the drug war and now the swine flu epidemic, I just think they should work on working with the clients they have.....just very disappointed and worry of what could happen... Ladies, anyone has any positive thinking to share ( I know some of you had questions about cake and flowers the resort has....Jojo, thanks for posting the info. Things have been really crazy since I started this thread - thank you so much for keeping it up! Did you find the photographer yet? Anyone needing pics, I have some, please email me so I can reply - pribrzl@gmail.com Happy Planning everyone! Priscila Hey, You have probably been to the couple of threads on swine flu...there's lots of good info there. A bride that was there in the past week said it was fine...that's reassuring and things are not as bad now! I don't know which is best - keep your date or switch but on one of the swine flue threads, most brides getting married in May are sticking with it! Swine flu no worse than regular flu, Napolitano says - CNN.com As for the terrible customer service there...I'm appalled to hear that they'd rather jack up the internet pricing (and get less ppl going there) rather than satisfying one client. But nevertherless, every bride who had their wedding there said that it'd turned out PERFECT despite the less than perfect communication with the WC. When you get there, I am sure that everything will be better than you imagined! JO
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by hknyc Hi all, I have good news and bad news about our wedding at the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda which was to take place yesterday Sunday May 3rd. The bad news is we had to cancel the wedding due to the fact that when we flew down there early last week Monday April 27th we realized the swine flu craze was scaring our guests who were supposed to fly down for the wedding. With a heavy heart we canceled it last Monday and Blue Bay was amazing in refunding our guests and our wedding package. My fiance and I decided to stay for the week and the good news is I cannot express enough how WONDERFUL the resort is. We kept walking around looking at the places where our 100 plus guests would have been playing and looking at the locations we picked for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception realizing how perfect our wedding day would have been. That said- I wanted to write this because even though we are heartbroken about not getting married there, we would wholeheartedly recommend the resort for anyone's wedding day. If you would like to ask any questions feel free to email me at hknyc123@yahoo.com. We can recommend the local band who was to play at our reception. I did take some quick videos of the resort before I left of the various locations to show my future mother in law. best, Heather Keep your chin up and I am confident that whatever your plan B is, your special day will be better than PERFECT...everything will always work out in the end! THANKS for still offering to share with us!! Much appreciated! JO
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by starlitk Hi everyone - Ever since the swine flu news outbreak, I've been reading this forum looking to you other brides for guidance. I just wanted to post and say how glad I am to know that I'm not alone here! I have also loved seeing all the support you're giving one another - it's quite a comfort. Also, thanks to everyone who posted letters they sent to guests about the flu. MarieSam - I definitely used a good portion of it for an email we just sent to guests this weekend - thanks for offering to share it. I didn't even know where to begin when writing it, having yours made a horrible thing easier. As of right now, we're on, but I'm not sure how many of our 46 guests will be with us. In our letter, I asked our guests a few questions to gauge their current thoughts on the matter (copied below in case any of you want to use it) so that we could make an informed decision as things progress. So far, I've gotten mixed reviews and am quite frustrated with the non-respondents! Sorry, had to vent. Thanks so much for sharing your note to your guests. My wedding is Nov but already, his mum has shared some concerns with us b'cos in 1918, a flu killed many worldwide. So, my fiance was thinking of writing an email to our guests. THANKS!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by raegs Hi girls, Just got back from my wedding. It was fantastic! I have all the info you could imagine now. I am going to post a big write up and get pics organized from other guests, so when that happens, I will post a link as well to pictures. In the mean time, if you have any specific questions, let me know so I can include answers in my "report." Raegan CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy to hear that it went well!! I'm all worried about the slow respond from the WC, the bankrupcy of Canjet, and now the flu-type virus that I'm afraid might freak out our guests. It's encouraging to hear that it worked out for you! I can't wait to hear all about it...all the little details like decor, candles, food, dancing, music, flowers, cake...don't know where to begin or end...lol JO
  15. No worries ladies. This forum feels like a support group. It's awesome. Attached are pictures of private reception and ceremony location. As far as I know, for ceremony - choice between beach or lounge bar (aka garden). For private reception - choice between beach, conference room, pool side and the Asian restaurant (although for the restaurant, apparently the WC has to check on availability). Enjoy! BBGE Pictures of Ceremony and Reception Location.pdf
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