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*Official Chat Thread for Biggest Loser Season 4* ~FINAL WINNER POSTED~

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Originally Posted by AnnR View Post
Morgan, did you want to start a BL5 sign up thread, or would you like me to? We can start the sign up process anytime really. I do want to have the agreed upon rules posted upfront so there are no questions. Up to you guys if we do it now, or wait. I just know the holidays will be a little crazy, and maybe it would be better to give people more time this season. I can start taking names and sign-up fees whenever you all want! Will it be $15 again?
I think you should start it. i wouldn't want to leave something out.

I think we've decided jan 7th for 12 weeks.

Anyone want to change from $15?

BTW, oprah is having "best life week" starting jan 5th. it will be a great way to kickstart BL5.

Oh & my SIL noticed I had lost weight. it's always nice when someone notices. makes me believe it more.

i was really well behaved over thanksgiving bunny_4.gif

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I'm really hoping I deliver a couple weeks early, in which case I want to be in on BL Season 5! Maybe I'll sign up just in case and then only start if I've already delivered. It will at least be motivation for me!

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Sarah, I would wait until last minute to sign up. Depending on how your delivery goes you may not be in any shape to work out.


I like $15, if we were going to change it I say $20 at most but no less than $15, I think $15 is perfect!


Are we changing any rules? Are we having to submit bbefore and after pic, or a pic each week, or skippjing weigh-in the 2nd/3rd week?

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