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how much to tip?

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please dont pelt me other photographers...


i rarely get tips, nor do i expect them. when i get them i really appreciate it, but i usually find some way to give that amount back to the client in prints or album pages, a gift, etc... the tips i have gotten have ranged from $200-$600. so between 5-10% of the package. i start at $3500 right now. (soon to change though)


i didnt have a WC so i cant tell you what id tip them but i would guess 20%?

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Originally Posted by jthrasherphoto.com View Post
Leigh, you suppose to say its customary for you to tip your photographer 100% of your package price. msnwink.gif
i know, i know! sorry. i thought maybe you other photographer would come along and bop me! just relaying my experience.

but hey if you want give that photographer a grand or two - haha!!!
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I agree that the people who are working wages should get the tips, but I know that my caterer is charging $20 an hour for the staff, now I don't know any wait staff or bartenders that actually make $20 an hour so she told me that includes the tip cost...which is weird that its included, but hey whatever works right.

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Since we are meeting up with our photographer while we are in Cancun to get our CD's and DVD's I was going to suggest that we meet at a restaurant and we pick up the tab for dinner. Since it already seems from the emails back and forth that she is a real easy person to get along with, it might be a fun night.

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