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  1. Maybe a coffee mug so they can sip in the morning as they look over the lake...shot glass....trail mix.....cute socks to wear if they are hikihg..... a visor...snack foods are always a big hit....hummm....I'll think of more... JEN
  2. We just got back from Cancun and married at RIU Palace Las Americas! It was AMAZING!! I will write a review by the end of the week, but just wanted to say that it was wonderful! We actually had few pics on our camera, so waiting for friends and family to send them. Still on a high and wishing we were still there! Thanks so much to all your help along the way!!!! JEn
  3. I am so relieved! I went shopping to "treat" myself with the good news....heheee....for a while there, I was too stressed to even shop! I can't believe the timing was so close! It took a full 12 weeks to process! Ok...now I can start focusing on the more important things, like making my nail appt. JEN
  4. Whew! I have been one big stessball for a few days. We had to call our State's Congressman and Senator. My FI talked to the Congressman himself and he promised that he would have it in his hands by Friday. We just got it. We leave on Tuesday....talk about cutting it close! Now just waiting for 2 of our guests' passports to come in too! Thanks everyone for your help! You are the best! JEN
  5. Oh gosh! Thank you! Thank you! My FI called the state senator's office and they said they will try to straighten this out. They are supposed to call him tomorrow. I will keep you posted! Thanks for your support! JEN
  6. Man, I wish that I was getting married every year just so I can pick out new fun stuff like those invitations! They are really cute! JEN
  7. Oh my gawd. The nerve of people when they get a little "power." I feel for you and I am so glad that end result is you with your passport. We are one week away from leaving and my FI doesn't have his yet! Freaking out too! It makes me so angry that it seems like we are helpless in aspects like this...Isn't this what our tax dollars help with? They treat us like we are deliquents, not citizens! We are at their mercy and pretty much have to bend over and take it....it isn't right. I'm sorry you had to go through that! JEN
  8. I am in complete panic mode. Seriously, I am shaking I am so worried. I know some of you have had trouble getting passports and suggested calling a congressman or something? My fiance doesn't have his passport and put in for it 12 weeks ago!!! He called last week and they said it should be mailed out early part of this week. He just called again and they said to call back THURSDAY!!! We leave FREAKING TUESDAY!!!!! I am completely freaking out! How do we get in touch with our congress or states person or whoever? Do you have a link? Phone number? Please help!! JEN
  9. Oh! we also did "together again" from the musical Annie. It is the one where Annie and Daddy Wharbucks dance at the end...cute too. JEN
  10. I am a dance teacher and last year we did a Father/Daughter dance in a group to "We go together" from the soundtrack of Grease. It is fun and upbeat! You could do the handjive together and twirls! You might need to cut the lyrics so that it applies to a father/daughter, but you get the idea! It is a pretty long song. JEN
  11. That video was amazing! How beautiful. It was like every shot was out of a bridal magazine! I am using Sol and Matt's assistant for my wedding! I really wish I could have them in person, but I'm sure anyone who studies under them learns great things! I'm SO excited!!!!!! JEN
  12. I am getting married at another RIU and wanted the same thing. I asked how much to rent their speakers.....$200 per HOUR! That's nuts! I'd say...really look into those little speakers...if they carry enough sound, it would be worth it to just buy those. Let me know if you get a different quote on renting speakers...I thought it was really high. JEN
  13. Those are beautiful! I love the starfish and the colors are great for a DW! Great job! JEN
  14. I like #2 also. I like the curve of the bag and it seems more "classy." Cute find! JEN
  15. I think it really depends on the person giving the gift. I gave my best friend $50 and spent an airline ticket and hotel to go to her wedding. I was only working 13 hours a week and just could not afford to do any more. I didn't feel bad...she knew I couldn't.....So I guess it depends: that rich aunt that lives in NY pulling $100,000 giving $50 is different than your friend trying to make ends meet giving $100...everyone does what the can....hopefullly.....heheee! Jen
  16. Good point. I wouldn't want to take up all of the space. The WC did give us an hour land a half limit of being able to have dinner, which I think is reasonable. I just feel that for the $1,000 base price (not including cake, bouquet, etc)....only including the officiant, documents, and WC fee, and dinner, that we would have more to choose from than the buffet and the steakhouse. That to me is not really an option. I guess what I wanted her to say is "I am not sure if we can do this....it is usually not policy...but let me check and see what I can do." I feel like I'm asking for permission to have my wedding...
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Nini_Bride I was watching one of those reality tv wedding planning shows (seriously, anything related to wedding and I'll stop whatever I'm doing to give it my full attention!) and the WC on there said "She may not like my ideas, but I know whats best for her wedding. She'll know I'm right in the end!". It actually pissed me off. It doesn't matter if her way is the "right" way - it was this lady's dream wedding and the WC wasn't planning what the bride wanted. Ya ya, the bride was happy in the end - blah blah blah. Anyways, that comment just really pissed me off when I saw that (I get really into these shows!), put your foot down - this is what you want!! What kind of a restaurant can't host 25 people??! Are you going to have dancing and all that jazz? Maybe that's why its too small? I watch those shows all the time! Maybe that is why I am upset that she isn't even entertaining the notion of doing what I want. I feel like she is too busy working with the hotel instead. She suggested the steakhouse because it "has a great view" but we are eating at 7:30pm (it will be getting dark) and we will have all week to appreciate the view. I want GOOD FOOD! We will probably do dancing at the disco next door...so it is pretty much dinner. I just sent her a letter saying that I expect her to make this happen. I just can't believe that other guests will be enjoying their nice dinners, but because I have a group, that we can't...and we are paying for it!!! JEN
  18. So, my WC just told me that the restaurant that I wanted for our dinner was "too small" and suggested a steakhouse instead... The facility seats about 50 people and we only have 25 in our party. 1) That restaurant got the best reviews at the AI 2) some of my guests are veggetarian. I am furious that when I chose the resort that it stated "dinner at a speciality restaurant" and we are paying alot for the package... Isn't it the job of the WC to 'make it happen'? I am not demanding anything out of the ordinary here. We could make reservations at the same restaurant during our stay, so why can't we have that restaurant for the wedding? I am fuming and about to give her a call! She also didn't let me know that I could book my rooms myself and then the hotel became full. Most of my guests can't even stay at the same hotel, and then they have to pay a day pass to come to the wedding! She decreased the fee...but I felt that she should have waived it all togther...instead, she is saying I don't think I can do it... sheesh! JEN
  19. Go for it! I see that all the time on Who's Wedding Is It Anyway on TV. The girls go it all the time! I get jealous and would love to have 2 dresses! I say, do it!! Jen
  20. I say wear whatever you like! I didn't want to do a formal dress but ended up falling in love with one! As my mom said, "it is your wedding...you don't have to be practifcal!" If you love the dress, do it! JEN
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