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Who wants to complain about the economy with me?

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ok, i'm not going to lie. dh and i are both materialistic people. we like to spend our hard earned money on nice things. of course, i will not die without the chanel ring that i want for my bday, but i still want it. dh has a collection of $$ watches and hundreds of dvds, as well as 2 cars (but he now commutes and takes PT, and drives on the weekend). we love going out for expensive dinners. we would love to add to our collection of "stuff", but we can't. we just can't afford it right now. we have a mortgage, 3 car payments, utilities, cc debt out the wazoo, i have student loans, and am going to back to school for an MEd next week. right now, it's hard to go out to eat once/week to a local cheap restaurant. how are we supposed to stimulate the economy if we have nothing to stimulate it with?!

i have no point. just complaining with you.

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