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OOT bag contents - **Master List of Possible Items**

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I just thought of something else for the list..sunglasses! Maybe personalized ones?

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Good morning


Dear readers everything will depend of destination weddings because it is a gift and is for remembrance then we want the guests to watch the gift at home, remember the wonderful trip to the wedding theme. So it is best to find gifts on wedding destination. gifts that speak of their culture and show their landscapes. I am a specialist in souvenirs in my country here in Punta Cana, and I can say is give something unique, every country has charm and a culture to remember. Are very fashionable autochthonous gifts at weddings. if you come here to punta cana, if you need help let me know please.




Best Regards


Anyelina Urena


Punta Cana Souvenirs

“Personalized Gifts for Your Wedding.”


I agree, it would be nice to match the gift to the destination. My wedding will be in Bermuda, and Bermuda is famous for their pink sand. I plan on giving everyone a small empty jar to bring some same back with them.

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I would love to purchase items that are traditional to the area of Riviera Maya, Mexico…but we are hesitant to go off the resort, and we figure anything that is for sale ON the resort will be much more expensive. Anyone have experience going off the resort and buying cheap items in town?

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I loved reading all of the posts! Whew, just finished all 77 pages!


I also "borrowed" Nadika's signature! Hope that's okay, Nadika! I saw your quote and I fell in love with it so much!


Here's my tentative list:


1) Some kind of travel mug

2) "Medicine" kit:

    a) chewable pepto-bismol tablets

    B) OFF wipes

    c) advil

    d) powdered gatorade mix

    e) mints / gum (whichever is cheaper)

3) Phone ziplock waterproof bags

4) 50 Waxations Citronella Outdoor Tealight Candles for $8.99 (one or two per bag) on Amazon!

5) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Fresh Scent (24 packs of 9 sheets, $26.52 for 24 packs on Amazon!)

6) Itinerary / Schedule of Group Activities (this will also be emailed to them in a Google Doodle so we can see who wants to do what)

7) List of possible activities on and off-site (may combine with number 6?)

8) List of English-Spanish-Chinese basic phrases

9) Who's who guest list

10)Mosquito / bug repellant bracelets



1) Lint Roller for $1 a piece?

2) Either Pashimas or Beach Dress Wraps (pashimas are $3.95 or $4.60 a piece, beach dress wraps are $3.30 or $2.523 a piece)

3) Powdered detergent in case they get a stain?

4) Powdered dish detergent to wash out the cups?

5) Canvas bags (have to see if I can personalize or not... want a good price, but I don't want them to bleed through)


Any thoughts guys? :)

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Hi guys!


I just bought my OOT bags today! From Barnes and Noble - They were $2 ($1.80 with 10% discount) reduced from $19.95!


I tried inserting this picture of the bags - they are super fab! Check a Barnes and Noble near you to see if you can get them for $2!!

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What I ended up putting in my bag:


- Canvas bag 

- Tumblers 

- Advil packets

- Rolaids - this was well used and much appreciated 

- Bug wipes - (Not well used, but would still put them in) 

- johnson & johnson First Aid box - people ended up using the box portion as a case for their room keys/money for tips/random objects. 

- Aloe - Funny enough, I was the one who needed it.

- waterproof Phone cases -

- Turkish towels - (I had been on the fence about this, but everyone used them and loved them) 

- Beach balls, but I wish I had actually done inflatable doodles instead, these - https://www.amazon.com/Swimline-Doodles-Inflatable-Noodle-Float/dp/B0037TSTUO

- altoids

- Tide wipes


I had ordered playing cards, but due to a snow storm, they never arrived. I wish I had put in chapsticks, but mostly because I forgot my chapstick at home. 

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Hey There!


I’m getting married on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico in less than a month! This thread has been super helpful in figuring out my OOT bags, and most of the things in my bag other people have already mentioned. So, I thought I’d share the unique things I’ve found!!!





  • We’re also going to include a local mango or coconut juice and a mini bottle of rum in each bag to add some island flair!

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I have seen every one of the rundowns and attempt to record every one of the bits from each pack that I think I require, however it beyond any doubt is pleasant to see everything in one place!

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Hi all - we just got back from our wedding and did OOT gift bag​s, which were a big hit.  Here is what I did:


​Bags - we did these eco friendly coffee sack bags and I love the way they turned out.  We just put a palm tree/beach graphic on the front and the location of the wedding on the side.  No names or dates because we didn't think people would want to use them with our names on them.  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1353895917


​Cups - These also turned out great but weren't used a lot at the resort.  For some reason, at my resort, no one else was using their own cups, so I think my guests were hesitant to do so.  Hopefully they use them at home!  We did put our names on these and the koozies below.  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1345007866


​Can koozies - like the cups, these weren't used very much, but we got a lot of compliments on them.  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1345924990


​Hangover kit bags filled with bandaids, advil, pepto bismol and Zantac.  Bag purchased on Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1353895923, contents purchased on Amazon.  


​Playing cards


​Snacks - some purchased on Amazon, some purchased at Costco - Nuts & seeds, breakfast bars, fruit snacks, Goldfish


​I also got fans from Etsy for the ceremony, but we didn't end up needing them because it was breezy so no one was really hot.  https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1345007868


We put them all together at the resort and the front desk handed them out as people checked in for no additional charge.  

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    • We chose to have our wedding at Fiesta so our review is broken down into categories. We have visited multiple Mexican vacation spots to include playa del carmen, cabo san lucas, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta. We traveled with a group of 35, mostly adults. We had such a great experience and we will definitely go back to Fiesta American Condesa Cancun!!!!    Resort- this was a good size resort, I liked that It was not too big. We didn’t see any of the shows they offer but we did enjoy the pool every day. It was awesome that they had a live dj playing music and fun games to keep us entertained. The bars were all in good locations, we spent a lot of time at the main lobby bar because it stayed open late. They had bands, silent disco, game competitions, etc. every night all very fun and lively!   Room- We stayed in a junior sweet which had ocean view and was absolutely beautiful. Very spacious bathroom, we had a second bathroom in the living room in addition to a breakfast area.    Food- the buffet had a smaller selection of food than we usually see at all-inclusive resorts however the quality of the food was much better!! The ceviche bar outside had amazing fish or shrimp tacos and provides a nice view of the ocean.    Staff- The cleaning staff was great, our room was tidy and organized every day. The bar staff was very friendly and attentive. Yes, we did tip and did so often to ensure they kept coming around. After our wedding, it seemed all staff members knew us by name everywhere we went. We were treated so kindly everywhere!  There were two staff members who played a special role in our vacation, Blanca and Magda. They both were delightful and treated us just like family. Yes, they were awesome to my ENTIRE group.    Venue- We chose to have our ceremony and cocktail hour on the lower pool garden followed by reception on the lower pool deck. Beautiful views for both areas!!! Unfortunately, it rained so we ended up in the ballroom.    Wedding package- We chose the Corazon package and I love what the hotel had to offer. For my personal choice, it was between this package and one at dreams resort but I ultimately decided on this one after reviews from other brides and pictures I looked at. If you are on the fence about a destination wedding I say DO IT!! You can’t beat all inclusive, it really eliminates half the stress of planning a wedding. We had cocktail hour with margaritas, a 3 course dinner, a beautiful cake, and of course open bar. We did not opt for any of the add ons. I did bring my own décor such as table runners, Chinese lanterns, center pieces, bubbles, fans, etc.  The floral arrangements and my boquet were beautiful!!! Exactly as I imagined. My cake was also very pretty and looked just like the one I sent to my coordinator from pinterest.    Wedding coordinator- My wedding coordinator, Violeta Cambranes, was truly amazing!! We communicated mostly through email and a few calls right before wedding time. She was very timely and thorough with our plans. We met with her the day before the wedding. She showed us around and we did our food tasting as well as my trial for hair/make up. She is so personable and really felt like one of my friends throughout this process which is nice to have when you’re leaving such an important day in someone’s hands. I sent her pictures of what I envisioned (wedding colors, floral arrangements, table décor, etc.) and she made it all come to life. Because we ended up having to hold our wedding instead, Violeta was able to make accommodations for us which we are truly grateful for!! She was attentive the entire week we were there and we had no bumps in the road!    Rehearsal Dinner- we had dinner for about 15 people in the Mexican restaurant. The food was great and of course the staff was attentive. I do wish we had the opportunity to choose our own meal but still enjoyed it none the less.    Spa- we received a couples massage and it was perfect. Steam room, sauna, hot tub, and massage. So relaxing!! We also received a second massage on our shoulders one of the days we were there. A spa therapist came to our cabana while we relaxed and drank mimosas.    Date- we got married first week of October. I knew it was one of the rainiest months of the year but I was willing to take the change because it was offseason. I’m so glad that I did!! The rooms and the flights were extremely inexpensive. Also, the resort was not packed at all! There was a comfortable amount of people compared to when we usually travel in the summer. The weather was not too hot but it did rain 3/7 days we were there. Mosquitos were also still in full force so would recommend bug spray.   Photographer- my photographer, Mike Cantarall,  overall was great! He captured all the great moments of the wedding. The highlight video was truly perfect!! I will say it did take extremely long to obtain my pictures (7 weeks when expected turn-around time was supposed to be 7 days). I wish we could have had a discussion prior to wedding day. I don’t love a lot of the poses and he did ask me if there was anything specific I wanted  (while on the beach taking pictures) but in the moment I couldn’t think of exactly what I wanted. In hind sight, I would have asked for more close up, more poses as bride and groom, and for my dress to not be scrunched up. With that being said, I was still pleased with the turn-out of my photos.    DJ- our DJ was AudioCancun. Very pricey!!! But we did not have an option for vendor. He did a great job! He truly recognized the vibe of the group and played the best music to keep the party going! We did give him some specific songs which he played them all.    Make-up- My make up and hair was done by Anastacio Brides. I loved my look!! I showed them pictures from pinterest and it came out exactly how I wanted. After different areas of my face were done, my make-up artist would show me in the mirror to see if it was on track with what I wanted. They were so nice and I enjoyed their company while getting ready for my big day.   Travel- to and from hotel we used Happy Shuttle. They have great rates and I trusted them based on the reviews I read. I bought a garment back and carried my dress in my hands the entire way there and back! (yes even through all the flights). We ended up taking 4 suitscases between the two of us and also had some of our family members pack things for us.    Boat- Our group took a triple decker boat, Dancer Cruise, to Isla Mujeres. It was a full day of fun, accommodating both kids and adults. We snorkeled, we ate lunch, and we danced! The slide and diving board were pretty fun! The staff was lively and the boat was not very packed so that was nice. They did give us a group rate when I emailed them directly.   
    • Congratulations to Wedding Planners and Families of Bride and Groom. Cheapfaremart, an Orlando based Online Travel Agency offers Cheap Group Flights for Wedding Group also.
    • Thanks! I would love to get quotes from a TA but as I said I have a hard time finding a specialized one in Canada. I hope someone can point me to the right direction. 
    • The use of TA is instrumental in booking a destination wedding for several reasons: Namely, TAs have special rates and promos they can offer you, including perks of complimentary rooms and upgrades. Wright Travel actually has a Bride & Groom Fly Free Promo, which gives couples up to $1,000 cash back. These are perks you can take advantage of by working with a TA. Also, most agencies also do not charge any service fee, so you are essentially having the expertise and convenience of a travel agent without paying a dime. Experienced agents will also have valuable insight into the best property to host your wedding, and if they are familiar with your resort, they can also offer you and your guests tips on how to make your stay even better. Good TAs will also have close connections wiht the wedding department, essentially benefiting you throughout the planning process. Securing a room block is also important to ensure your resort does not run out of rooms and also to secure a group rate. Lastly, having a travel agent handle you and your guests travel plans is vital so that you don't have to deal with it. Anything can happen when it comes to travel and if you don't have an agent, your guests will turn to you for help. As a former destination wedding bride, I did not work with a TA and I regretted it. Having to answer a million questions from guests on where to stay, where to book, where to go, drove me nuts. When it comes down to the final stretch of the wedding, it was the last thing I wanted to do when I already had a million things on my plate wedding wise.  Here's a more in depth article regarding the benefits of using a TA.  https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/wedding-tips/c/planning/10-reasons-why-you-should-use-wright-travel-agency-for-your-destination-wedding-r2439/  
    • We actually did our legal wedding at home -- a quick and easy ceremony at the local courthouse about a week before our destination wedding. Afterwards, we just went to lunch and shared a few celebratory cocktails 😊We did this so we didn't have to deal with the legal requirements (arriving early, blood test, etc.) you must abide by in Mexico. For us it worked out perfectly and our ceremony in Mexico was our official wedding with all our family and friends. 
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