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  1. Selling very nice beach bags, 14 pink, 4 dark blue, 1 blue-green, may have more not pictured here (perhaps 1 pink, maybe more). They are from Barnes and Noble who sells them for $19.95 each, $9.95 each if bought with something in store. I am selling them for $5 each - special price for my Best Destination Wedding/Grand Palladium brides (I will post them for $8 each on craigslist and other bride facebook groups). Willing to meet in NYC or certain parts of NJ. If you need me to ship it to you, the shipping price is not included... We can work out the details, but if we meet in person it will be cash payment Please note they are very sturdy, so may have to pay for a flat rate box. Surprise your guests with a beautiful OOT bag
  2. I have 17 packs of Smile Brilliant whitening gel and desensitizing gel each (total, 34 packs). Three boxes of three packs each (total, six), and 16 loose packs (8 of each). I am willing to part with the loose packs for $100 (16 loose packs) and $200 for the whole shebang, (six boxes (18 packs) and 16 loose packs). I got them after Feb 9th, and they are good for one year (a bit longer if you refrigerate them). I am willing to meet in NYC (parts of NJ may also be doable). Shipping is not included in the price.
  3. Hi SlatersWife, Great! I'm so glad Let me know if you have any questions... I am leaving on a jet plane... won't be back again until after the wedding Returning July 15 but will do my best to respond
  4. I stayed up last night making these. Phew... I used Crayola Supertips: https://www.target.com/p/crayola-174-supertips-markers-washable-50ct/-/A-14090445 I don't think they are washable but I can't remember. I used the lowercase letters from these practice sheets (except for the R, which I didn't like, so I made it capital): http://bydawnnicole.com/2016/06/free-brush-calligraphy-practice-worksheets.html Hope the picture loads okay! It would be good if I attached the file!
  5. Hey Angela23, I'm sure you've already seen my posts, but here they are, may give you some ideas: https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/80916-passport-invitation-and-boarding-pass-rsvp/ https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/81065-wedding-magazine/ Good luck!
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Here is the wedding magazine I put together. I paid for it here: https://www.dazzleprinting.com/product/magazine-printing/ Here are my specs: Magazine $66.61 for 30 pieces 70# gloss text color ink 5.5 x 8.5 8 pages 80# Gloss Cover - Color Saddle Stitch UV Coating, 2 sided (Cover) Email PDF Production Speed: FASTEST-Ships 1 Business Day after proof approval No 5% discount I paid about $35.10 via 3 Day Select shipping because I'm muy nerviosa it will come late!!! Wedding date is July 10 (as you will see ). At the end, I just got tired and gave up. LOL! So what I did was I used GoogleSlides and sized it to 5.5 x 8.5 (portrait). Everything is so easy on GoogleSlides, there are easy tutorials to make a magazine in GoogleSlides online! Here is the link I looked at for help: http://blog.presspadapp.com/design-magazine-powerpoint/ So, the Meet the Guests pages were more difficult. I used kevgirl's template from here: https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/26643-get-to-know-the-guests-template/ I changed the background photo to a two page spread. You can get free stock photos here: https://www.shutterstock.com/support/article/where-to-find-free-stock-photos?q=free+stock+photos&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 Then, you have to cut the image in half. I totally forgot how I did that! Probably a lot of MSPaint (I guess they just call it Paint nowadays - that's free on Windows)! I can't remember if I used Pixen or Paintbrush for the Mac computer. It's a lot of sending things backward and forward in Word and in GoogleSlides. Look for guides online if you don't know how or check the help section of Word. You basically right click on the image you want to send backwards or forwards. You'll see what I mean. The Who's Who page I just created in Word, which is why it's so fuzzy. It was hard for me to imagine where to place things in GoogleSlides, but easier for me in Word. Then, I got a crossword made free from TheTeachersCorner.net. I didn't want to leave their credit, but they said if you are publishing it you have to leave the credit so I felt guilty and left it in there. I tried to include a clue for each guest, but tried not to give away the answer on the Meet the Guests pages so they would have to ask each other. I screwed up though and forgot, so you can find one clue in the Meet the Guests pages. Only one though. I just got so tired! I'm pretty busy since I'm working full time The other photos were all ones I got from Facebook, except for a few people who sent me photos (very few!). The photos on the cover and the back cover are actually my personal photos! Well, duh for the cover, but the back cover is actually a photo I took for my photography class. So be sure to credit me if you steal it I really wanted to do fun "horoscopes" but I just gave up. LOL. Too tired! Enjoy! Shareable Wedding Magazine.pdf
  7. I'm a total dunce so I don't know how to attach my photos. Anyway, you can check out the gallery I uploaded of the dress I ordered from babyonline. I'm very happy with it. The bottom is especially beautiful but our place is too small to take pictures. Anyway happy to answer any questions.
  8. babyonline dhgate.com ordered and received dress
  9. Hi everyone, We will get married on July 10, 2017 at Grand Palladium in Mexico. This is what I have done: 1) bought dress, corset bra, Spanx (my mother bought all these) at David's Bridal. Did not get it altered yet because I lost over four pounds in two weeks and seeing if I will lose more. 2) got travel agent and booked our stay/airfare/insurance (it's AnnaLynne, she's super duper great, and super responsive). 3) put down deposit on the date 4) so far only 8 rooms have been booked, 14 adults and 4 children 5) made invitations using template, printed them, etc etc. https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/80916-passport-invitation-and-boarding-pass-rsvp/ 6) bought envelope and postcard stamps 7) bought veil 8) created Google Sheets mastersheet 9) bought shoes in Mexico (so cute. a little uncomfortable but really nice looking for a great price... may need to get another pair of shoes for the dance(s)... Maybe I can use an old pair of mine that I already own?) 10) booked DJ 11) booked photographer/videographer/TTD (still need to iron out TTD date and sign contract). 12) bought calligraphy pen, paper and book - addressed 15 envelopes 13) contacted estranged sister to notify her about my engagement/wedding (she doesn't want to be involved with our family anymore at all) 14) bought 15 packs of 8 piece thank you cards in three designs and two colors (plan to use some for the engagement party and some for the wedding) 15) bought favors that double as decorations and table runners for the wedding in Mexico (fiance bought these) 16) bought paper Mexican cut out decorations to decorate the room. 17) bought additional favors (tiny glass figurines) in Mexico - not sure if we will use them as centerpieces because they are so small 18) bought LOVE L&A (seven total) medium-sized metal marquee light-up letters to use as centerpieces (on sale from Michael's). 19) asked other sister and cousin to be bridesmaids, notified other individuals they would be asked if we get more groomsmen. 20) bought OOT bags on sale from B&N (great price). 21) made our own wedding rings 22) bought additional inexpensive wedding rings 23) had the favor cards made (they already arrived, they basically say not to use the favor at dinner - they are colorful woven Mexican napkins). 24) bought five different dresses from BHLDN, returned four (they were all on sale for $64 each). It's a short dress for dancing. 25) bought a custom made dress from DHGate. Waiting for it to arrive... I hope it will look good! 26) picked out a hairstyle This is what I have to do: 13) buy embosser for return address for envelopes (return address for postcards is already printed on) 14) put stamps on RSVP postcards (after they arrive) 15) ask FedEx Kinko's to honor $20 coupon (already paid) 16) erase pencil lines on 15 envelopes (planning to ask fiance to do this) 17) address 26 more envelopes (waiting for addresses to do this) 18) figure out ceremony music, first dance, etc. 19) see if I can convince fiance to take dancing lessons (so far unsuccessful) 20) meet father's new girlfriend with my fiance (drama) 21) figure out seating chart 22) figure out bridesmaids dresses 23) figure out what kind of cheongsam to get (my grandmother gave my mother enough money to custom make one... thinking about getting one on DHGate but I'm worried it will be low quality) Also, I can't be measured for it until I'm roughly sure I won't lose any more weight... 24) buy things to put in the OOT bags (medicine, drink mix, $1 sudoku/crossword, $1 cups, candles etc) 25) print the info sheets for the OOT bags (who's who, spanish phrases, etc.) 26) get rid of my double chin. 27) get a flatter stomach... not sure about this one. 28) decide on which pair of wedding rings to bring. 29) take dancing lessons with my dad, who lives a few states away. 30) buy program fans 31) decide on which of our friends/family will be the officiant... 32) buy guest book (I already have one picked out) 33) after arriving in Mexico, possibly buy centerpieces (glass bowls?) and three flower girl baskets 34) figure out what kind of make up look I want... I really have like, no clue. 35) book group tour (waiting to see who wants to go on this tour). A few notes, we didn't send out save the dates, I basically emailed people. The invitation is sort of like the save the date... My fiance's business partner doesn't like me and basically is Zika fear-mongering my fiance's friends... Well... I don't know. There were some things I didn't mention here but they're not really important. I didn't block any rooms at the hotel. I don't think I could have because I don't know anyone's dates, and we're using a travel agent...?
  10. Sorry, I don't know of any like that. Out of curiosity, which one did you find?
  11. I had a hard time narrowing it down to a resort too. Here's what did it for me: 1) My fiance's niece has a nut and dairy allergy (sort of serious) 2) My fiance's mother was very strongly concerned about the quality of the water. Those two things, coupled with the fact that I knew I wanted my wedding in Riviera Maya and not Cancun or anywhere else in Mexico (considered San Miguel de Allende, but there is no beach there and I got altitude sickness at the end of my stay there, vomiting, etc.), made it really easy to narrow it down to Grand Palladium in Mexico. Grand Palladium is really careful about the dietary allergies and they are so, so transparent about their water system. Hope that helps, sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
  12. I posted this in the other subforum: https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/80916-passport-invitation-and-boarding-pass-rsvp/ Hope it helps someone.
  13. I wasn't sure where to put this but I bought pretty nice thank you cards at Michael's today 8 pieces for $1.00! They come in gold and silver type. I bought 15 packs of 8, I figured that should cover the engagement party and the wedding. Hope you guys can get some if you want!
  14. I got the free templates from here: http://ayleebits.com/design/templates/ I got some inspiration from here: http://www.projectwedding.com/forums/sunnydbride-s-diy-passport-invitations?page=2 This had information: https://weddingpassports.com/diy/ We were thinking about getting 46 invitations, boarding passes, and envelopes from here: https://weddingpassports.com/passport-gallery/ It was almost $400 for 46 passports (!) Admittedly, 12 pages, but with shipping it probably would have been over $400. So I decided to make my own. I ordered stamps from here: https://store.usps.com/store/browse/productDetailSingleSku.jsp?productId=S_681004 60 because they come in packs of 20. I also ordered 60 Coastal Birds Postcard stamps. I can't link it because their site is down right now. The stamps haven't arrived yet. I went to FedEx Kinko's and I got proofs made, twice. The first proofs, I bought a special stapler that would fit the passport invitation (from Staples). At the same time, I bought multi-colored pastel envelopes. The second proofs didn't fit the stapler (which means more cutting). I bought a special corner rounder. My friend helped me round a lot of the corners. All in all they are not perfect but I think they are fine. I don't want to pay any more to re-print them. I bought a calligraphy book, pens and calligraphy paper. I figured if I do the calligraphy myself it will save money but still not look too bad. Well that's it! Oh yes. The boarding passes are RSVPs and I will put the postcard stamps on those, except for the international guests. I plan to buy a rubber stamp to stamp the back of the invitations... not sure how long that will take... may have to get one custom made here.
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