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OOT bag contents - **Master List of Possible Items**

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Thanks to Rebecca's advice I decided I'm going to order from discountmugs.com instead from ebay. I think instead of the travel mug I'm going to get personalized water bottles.


I really like this water bottle (specifically the color), but it seems like the lid would be a pain to constantly unscrew. I started to buy one at Whole foods but didn't because of the lid, it seemed like it was not as easily screwed off as a plastic water/coke bottle.


Has anybody put the water bottles in their OOT bags, how did they go over? Does anybody already have this type of water bottle with screw top lid, do you like it?



Click the image to open in full size.

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My fiance has one and has only had for about 2 weeks and the top stripped from being unscrewed to drink out of so often (he drinks alot of water) so now it doesn't even hold a seal. I would just make sure the ones your order won't do that, may be there are reviews on the site?

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Nice Mug!!! Around 200 sounds really good for 50 mugs.


I made an order with Discount Mugs and the scheduled ship date is for May 13th, but I checked the status and its still in production. I am worried I will not have them shipped on time for my June 6th wedding. Was the delivery on time for you? I am thinking of following up with them tomorrow.


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