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Need Help!!!!

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Warning:This may be long lol.


I am stuck on what to do. Here is what has been going on and where I am at.


We have always wanted a sunset beach wedding. Our date was set for 2/28/09. I really liked that date bc we got together on 2/1/02 and engaged on 2/14/08. So the thought of it all being in the same month and 2 wks ago I liked. With all the birthdays in my family and holidays, there are only a few months that would work that we didn't feel like there was too much going on.


So about a month ago we drove to Panama City Beach, Fl. We only looked at a few hotels, one of them being in Destin. We liked Destin over Panama City Beach. But at the hotel that we looked at, the pool deck was so small and there was an outside shower head right in the middle of it. I think that it will be way too cold to have it in Feb and the inside recp. area was so far away from the beach that everyone has to drive back too it. So we were thinking of changing the date to May. It would be warmer but I did see a video online of a couple getting married on the beach right where that hotel was. There were TONS of people on the beach and lots that were walking in front of them. That is what I don't want. Plus, with us living in Houston, I think it will be kind of hard to get everything together and most of our friends wouldn't be able to make it.


Then we brought up Vegas. It would still be a little cold but could do it more around 2/3ish and be ok. We would still have the friend problem but it would be so much cheaper.


A few days ago we brought up just trying to find a place around here in Houston. We found several Plantation style homes that we loved but it would cost so much. It would be easier with picking out flowers, cakes etc...but it was the one thing that I didn't want.


So this is where we are stuck. I just dont know what to do anymore. I feel like everything will be rushed if we still keep the Feb date. I am getting stressed over not being able to find what we want.

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hug2.gif Don't worry it will all work out.


Have you thought about maybe doing a cruise wedding? You could take a 3-4 day cruise in February like you want but have it in MX where the weather is just perfect that time of year. February is the off season for cruises too you should be able to get one in everyones price range plus there is a port right there in Texas.....

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So I would def count out Fla. for practical reasons. And while the Texas wedding sounds beautiful, it doesn't sound like what you really want your day to be. So why don't you have a small destination wedding in Mexico, which is beautiful that time of year. And enjoy your special day with the sunset on the beach. And then for those who aren't able to make it have a laid back at home reception. Like a BBQ or just a drink and appetizer reception? I know its really hard to make these decisions and I honestly think that whatever you choose will end up absolutely perfect and the way it was meant to be. Best of luck!!

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