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Any Grand Palladium brides?

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#1401 claire0701

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    Posted 24 February 2013 - 11:17 AM

    Ccongratulations Shayla, glad to hear you had a lovely time at your wedding and that everything went well.  You should post some photos if you get the chance. 

    Perez, we are also getting married at the GP in July - what date are you?  I still think it's so funny that we can all chat like this despite being in different corners of the world.  I love technology haha!  We have went for outside photographer as well, and don't think we'll stretch to a DJ as we're having a big party when we get home as well so the costs are quickly mounting!  Glad to hear the WeddingDJ app is a success though, I'll definitely be buying that for the big day. 

    We're going to go for a evening party at the saltwater pool after our meal so we can have first dance etc then.  Hopefully it won't be too cold or windy - I hadn't really considered that.  We'll just need to drink lots of tequila to keep us warm :)

    #1402 Mikeycelle

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      Posted 24 February 2013 - 06:47 PM

      Originally Posted by 87shayla 

      There's no reason to be sorry about asking questions :)


      Because we had a group over 40 (we had 60) we had to have a private reception, which I was happy about because a previous wedding we had been to at a palladium did not have over 40 people and they were kicked out of the a la carte right after cake cutting, which meant no dancing/party. So having the private reception worked out best for us. We got to turn on the tunes and dance for a couple hours.


      We did have the complete wedding there, however when we started our planning we really considered doing the legal stuff at home before going. I would suggest doing the legal stuff at home if you can get away with it, so much easier, and can be cheaper for you when you are in Mexico. Basically you would then purchase the `renewal` package. They can also make this look as real as possible if you are trying to keep it a secret that you did the legal stuff at home. 


      If you have a beach party after i think that would be a blast! It can get a bit windy and chilly on the beach at night but it would be very neat i think.


      Hope that answered a couple of your questions :)

      Congratulations Shayla! It's so great you had an awesome time! I'm looking forward to some pics! Which meal did you choose?

      #1403 perez21

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        Posted 24 February 2013 - 06:48 PM

        Thansk Shayla! Wow, a group of 40! That sounds like a lot of fun. We're hoping we can get at least 20 LOL! The renewal package sounds good for us especially if we can make it look as "real" as possible.


        Awwh MyTye I would def pick where your nana would be...I'm sure that would be so special for her. We're planning to do a quick city hall wedding ourselves. Not sure who we would invite yet. I would invite everyone if it were me but my fiance doesn't like a lot of hupla (hence the destianation wedding) so we'll see.


        Claire, we're getting married July 1, 2013 - CANADA DAY! LOL. What is the saltwater pool? Tequila - I like your style! Hopefully it won't be as cold in July.


        I'm getting so excited already!! I was apprehensive about everything but after getting my dress, everything else seems like details... ;-) How are you ladies doing with the rest of your planning?

        #1404 Lorena Jaimes

        Lorena Jaimes
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          Posted 24 February 2013 - 11:51 PM

          Hi Perez21


          Here are a few pictures of the saltwater pool (1st and 2nd photo)  it It's on the far south side of the resort (Las Rocas) All this area is a beautiful spot for photos.


          The saltwater pool is connected with the sea so the water gets in and out of the pool, you can find small fish in there.










          #1405 perez21

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            Posted 25 February 2013 - 06:09 PM

            Absolutely beautiful! Is this a public site or do you have to book?

            #1406 Lorena Jaimes

            Lorena Jaimes
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              Posted 25 February 2013 - 06:22 PM

              Originally Posted by perez21 

              Absolutely beautiful! Is this a public site or do you have to book?

               Hi perez21

              The salt water pool is public if  you are guest at the Grand Palladium, also it is there's a bar at the pool with several beach chairs and palapas, the water is shallow.

              #1407 87shayla

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                Posted 26 February 2013 - 04:34 PM

                Thanks ladies, 

                these are the only photos we have so far, waiting for the rest to come in the mail! 


                We chose menu #5 and then got chicken nuggets with fries for the kids that were there with us ;)


                The trash the dress was alot of fun, so glad we did it.













                #1408 kmmathes

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                  Posted 27 February 2013 - 09:09 AM

                  87shayla amazing pics!!!


                  Any other suggestions for ensuring everything goes smoothly? Were there any surprises or changes you would have made?


                  I'm down to 5+ weeks and getting nervous so any advice would be much appreciated!


                  Thx :)

                  #1409 Chrestena

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                    Posted 27 February 2013 - 09:52 AM



                    Your photos are gorgeous!!  Thank you for sharing those :) I have missed you girls- I have been a busy little planner trying to wrap up loose ends before the wedding...I have some catch up to do on here. I'm so happy you had a beautiful wedding Shayla-  it looks like the weather was perfect as well, so happy for you!!! I agree with kmmanthes- is there anything you can suggest that would help the day to go smoothly?


                    Vanessa e-mailed me and said we cannot have an actual "rehearsal" the day before our wedding as she has 2 weddings the day before ours...but she said she can "tell" us how it will be...:/   Kind of worried about that, I would have preferred we could do a dry run, but I understand her not being able to leave her brides on the day of their wedding...I wouldn't want her to do that to me either! :)

                    Shayla...did you have an actual rehearsal? And was Vanessa, or if you had another WC, with you on the wedding day to orchestrate everyone? Something I hadn't really thought about until she mentioned we could not have a rehearsal. 


                    Lauren- hey!~ I have missed talking to you! lol :) With regards to your OOT bags, I think that would be plenty, especially in light of the fact that you are filling it with thoughtful goodies! I feel badly for you that your friend is suggesting that it is not enough...the whole point of a destination wedding (at least for us...) is to have a relaxed, vacation-type, non-typical wedding. I wouldn't give it another thought!


                    Kmmanthes- your wedding day is coming up so quickly!! I am right behind you as well...how is everything going?



                    #1410 Chrestena

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                      Posted 27 February 2013 - 10:09 AM

                      Originally Posted by karenk 

                      Hello Ladies,

                      Claire - thanks for that APP name, I bought it and have started to set up my wedding ceremony on it. It is amazing.. if you are doing your own music well worth the money.  It was only $1.99 CND for me.. so a deal.  Very easy to set up.


                      Starting to get my list of stuff done slowly,  my dress fitting went really well and we hopefully will have final fitting and pick up on Feb 23rd.  I plan on bringing a veil and some different jewelry with me so we can make some decisions on whether to wear on not to wear a veil and then jewelry. 


                      We have decided on our Meal #14 - chicken.  Being from Canada and Alberta where our beef is second to none we find that we don't care for Mexican beef as much.  so opted for chicken & shrimp.

                      I still have to pick my Gluten Free meal for myself and my Aunt.


                      It is getting so close and so excited.. oooh we also finally went and ordered my Fiance's ring, that was so exciting in itself.  Made it way more real for him.   

                      Is anyone else planning on doing a little pre tanning before you go.  I just started, decided because we are there 4 fulll days before our wedding if I had a little color it will help me not burn.. don't want red lobsters for our pictures. ha ha!!!  I also have bought some strapless bathing suit tops so I won't have tan lines.  My dress is strapless so it would really show.


                      Something else we are planning for our week there is having a scavenger hunt and then instead of a rehersal dinner we are doing a pub crawl.. We will take the train to the last stop from Whitesands and work our way back stopping at as many bars that we can for 1 drink at each. Will be a lot of fun...  I might even bring white Tshirts for myself and Fiance' to wear and get autographs from people we meet. 


                      Hope everyone's planning is going great




                      I don't know what to do about jewelry and hair either! My dress finally came in- and I have an alterations fitting next week, the dress actually fits perfectly, which is amazing...but I am having the train taken off , so I still have to have some alterations done. Also, has anyone found nice shoes? I am having a hard time finding ones I really love...I love heels, Mike is so much taller than I am, so I can wear them, but I can't find beautiful sparkly, strappy ones...has anyone found a great website?


                      Mikecelle- your day is coming up too!! Do you know if you are having a rehearsal the day before? Still wondering about that...I don't know why Im so nervous about that, lol...I guess I just want everyone to know what they are doing...especially me!


                      The wedding DJ app sounds great...Lauren have you played around with it anymore? I still have to get going on my music...and we are still hammering out (and running out of time) what my groom and his groomsmen are wearing. He wants to wear a purple shirt??!! lol...oh my....


                      XOXO Chrestena  :)

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