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  1. Wow I've been out of town for a few days and missed so much! Welcome to all the newbies! And thanks for the advice Shayla re the photographer. So many amazing pictures - I absolutely LOVE your gowns Mickeycelle, Chreestena, and Shayla. So we're leaving in less than a month for the wedding and I feel like there's so much to do! After sending Rocio an email a month ago to confirm the post-wedding dinner at Portofino followed by a cocktail reception, she finally wrote back saying she had lost her computer (??) and by now the Portofino is booked that night. Does anyone have any opinions on another good A la carte restaurants to book for our group? To help put the day into context we are looking at a 2pm Renewal of Vows Ceremony (hoping to get married in Canada first!), 6pm-ish dinner, 7:30-9:30 La Laguna cocktail reception with music etc. But I am certainly open (aka desperate) for suggestions!!
  2. 87shayla amazing pics!!! Any other suggestions for ensuring everything goes smoothly? Were there any surprises or changes you would have made? I'm down to 5+ weeks and getting nervous so any advice would be much appreciated! Thx
  3. No worries, I'm too embarrased to tell you how long it took me to figure it out!
  4. Are there any wild and crazy deals to be found North of the border for the Canadian Brides? I know online is accessible everywhere, but sometimes shipping and customs can ding us
  5. Hi ladies, I need some advice! I keep flip flopping on whether to have a rehersal dinner at Portofino the night before the wedding and then have a post-ceremony cocktail reception with hot appetizers ($14 per person), or whether do to the Portofino dinner after the ceremony followed by a cocktail reception without the appies ($5 per person). My budget is leaning towards option 2. Does anyone have any feedback about the appetizer reception?? Thanks! Katherine
  6. The Starfish decorations are a great idea. Where did you find the lighter, skinnier ones?
  7. Love the palm tree bottle opener key chains. Where did you buy them from? Also got some great OOT bag item ideas from what you're selling. Thanks for posting!
  8. Yeah that's true, sounds like a good idea!
  9. What's the best place to get aloe? I'd really like to add it to my OOT bags but don't want to spend too much. I'm heading across the border to do some US shopping this weekend so any advice would be much appreciated!
  10. We're in the same boat, we want to make the food ourselves to save some money! I think we're just going to recruit friends and family to help out
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