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  1. Thanks for the comments about the pics ladies, I'm trying my best to be patient as we wait for the rest to come in the mail. kmmathes & Chrestena: If I was to change anything on that day I would have used my list of photos that i had taken there with me, to give to the photographer so that i didn't miss any photos that i wanted to make sure we took. However i forgot to give the sheet to the photographer and there is a few people that i didnt get pictures with because it ends up being such a rushed whirl wind and i forgot. To make it go more smoothly...we didn't have any troubles with this but we were constantly reminding people where to be and when to be there all week long so that it was less of a panic the morning of. I would also suggest buying the face blotting sheets, I was quite warm in my dress and they did an amazing job blotting the sweat without ruining my makeup. And one last thing, i wish i would have went to the front desk in the lobby the night before the wedding and asked for some more bottles of water. We were all wanting water while getting ready and there wasn't enough in the fridge to keep everyone happy. We had no rehersal, Grace was our WC not Rocio (we didnt find this out until we went to our meeting) however Grace did a fantastic job! I only seen her 1 before the actual ceremony and thats when she dropped off my boquet, She didn't have any other info for me other then the time the cart was coming to pick us all up. She must have did a great job briefing the boys and the parents (who walked down the isle as well) because they all seemed to know where they were supposed to be. Everything went well even though there is no rehersal. As long as you mention to your WC how you want things to happen during your meeting then there should be no worries MyTye2B: Our TTD photos were in a cenote that was only 5 minutes away, they are everywhere along the highway though so i would imagine it would all depend on which one your photographer prefers. Mikeycelle: So excited for you!!!!! It's going to be here before you know it Jengullage: The flowers....there was an email sent not long before we left for mexico and the type of boquet i liked. However i was hoping to get calla lilies. At the meeting i was asked what kind of boquet i wanted,,,,hmm i was pretty sure this was discussed but ok what about calla lillies?? She said that to get that type of flower generally you need 2 weeks notice, and it is obviously an extra cost. She called the florist to see if there happen to be some available, but there wasnt. So i then mentioned the picture that had been emailed to me before we left. WC didn't know what i was talking about. They do have a huge book you can flip through and pick out of, but she let me get on her computer and bring up the email so she was able to have that boquet made for me. So, if you are looking for a very specific flower, i suggest making sure they know exactly what you want well in advance of getting there, And i would maybe suggest taking copies of your emails about the flowers, or make sure you have access to your email to show them. Just incase. The flowers that they offer without extra charge are fairly cookie cutter, but they are beautiful. Karenk: your ocean and beach TTD will be great, i wish we could have done a combination of them both. Was just so much fun!
  2. Thanks ladies, these are the only photos we have so far, waiting for the rest to come in the mail! We chose menu #5 and then got chicken nuggets with fries for the kids that were there with us The trash the dress was alot of fun, so glad we did it.
  3. There's no reason to be sorry about asking questions Because we had a group over 40 (we had 60) we had to have a private reception, which I was happy about because a previous wedding we had been to at a palladium did not have over 40 people and they were kicked out of the a la carte right after cake cutting, which meant no dancing/party. So having the private reception worked out best for us. We got to turn on the tunes and dance for a couple hours. We did have the complete wedding there, however when we started our planning we really considered doing the legal stuff at home before going. I would suggest doing the legal stuff at home if you can get away with it, so much easier, and can be cheaper for you when you are in Mexico. Basically you would then purchase the `renewal` package. They can also make this look as real as possible if you are trying to keep it a secret that you did the legal stuff at home. If you have a beach party after i think that would be a blast! It can get a bit windy and chilly on the beach at night but it would be very neat i think. Hope that answered a couple of your questions
  4. Hello, Just got back a week ago from our wedding at the Palladium, it was amazing!! So hard to leave there and come home, back to reality. We used the wedding DJ app as well and it worked perfectly for the entire day. Definitely worth the $1.99 Our wedding supper was really good, top meal i had there in the two weeks we spent there. We chose the steak and i was surprised by how good it was and perfectly cooked....coming from an alberta girl that is quite the compliment. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me if you want, i'll try to remember to check back here every once and awhile. Happy planning ladies
  5. We live out by Drumheller, so we will by flying out of YYC. Got our tickets in the mail today!!!! :c) Have a great time in Punta Cana!
  6. I love reading the posts from you girls, We are 10 days from flying out to get married at the palladium, and its fantastic to see how excited you guys are, all the details and planning. Doesn't seem like very long ago that's what we were doing, and now the day is nearly here! Very excited, and will have to log back on here when I get home to give a review of the wedding
  7. Mickeycelle, Have you booked your wedding date yet?? We're waiting to pay a deposit then hopefully we can get the ball rolling on some of the decisions. What area of the resort are you thinking of having your ceremony at?
  8. Hi Mikeycelle, its nice to see another bride for 2013!! I haven't really talked with rocio or her team yet...i asked about colors(don't have the color orange for chair sashes i guess), and was also told they arent booking actual wedding days until May. That's about all i know so far. Have you had good luck with them so far? From everything i have read they are great! It will be nice that you guys are going there this year to check it out! Will help put your mind at ease i'm sure :c)
  9. Great review Manda, Even though our wedding isnt for a year it is nice to have a heads up on everything that goes on!! I was wondering if you had to pay extra for your bridesmaid and groomsmen flowers? Contemplating if it would be worth it/cheaper to make them myself with silk flowers. Thanks for all your info :c)
  10. I'm sure other ladies on here can answer your question better then i can, but personally i would try to avoid the spring break season. Even though some resorts say that they have a strict "no spring breakers" policy chances are they will still be there. We stayed in a hotel in the dominican at the begining of march last year, and one area of the resort was like one big high school party....drunk girls being carried to thier rooms, cups and limes all over the pool deck....it wouldnt exactly be the environment i'm picturing for me wedding. As for the rates, im not too sure if they would be more or less...
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm new to this site so please forgive me if i am not doing something right :c) I have read through almost this whole forum and have learned A TON!!! couldn't have found a better website, i will be getting married at the palladium in 2013. Congrats Manda, can't wait to read your review of your wedding! Was also wondering if there was anyone with a current list of the private supper chioces/prices?? Thanks :c)
  12. Hi there, I'm new to this site and planning to get married at the palladium in 2013!! I have read through almost all the posts in this thread and they have been VERY helpful. I did not realize we would be paying so much for each person after 40 at our supper... I was just wondering if anyone happened to have a fairly recent copy of the supper menu/costs?? I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is kurtnshayla@hotmail.com. Also curious if they gave you any deals for bringing alot of guests with you for your wedding, possibly a deal on your room or flight...maybe that depends on the company you fly through?? Thanks ladies
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