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Maura's professional photos!

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Originally Posted by kerryjbrown View Post
I love your mother in laws dress (organge one?) I want to get my mom a dress like that. Do you know where she got it or who made it?
i believe her dress was by kay unger and she got it from bloomingdales back in may.

Originally Posted by amyh View Post
You look gorgeous Maura! Did you end up having the mass before the ceremony on the beach, or was your priest able to do the full mass on the beach?? Lucky girl! All us Catholic girls are hating on you right now!
we did have the mass before the beach ceremony. however, we basically went to the church in san jose and did a very abbreviated mass, marriage sacrament only basically, and then the ceremony on the beach was the full-out mass with communion and everything. there was literally one person who worked there at the church when we got there, padre juvencio wasnt even around. the girl disappeared so we just did the quick & dirty sacrament only mass. i think it was about 20 mins long? i'll post a link to an album of photos from that as soon as i can.

technically, the ceremony on the beach doesnt count to the church, just the ceremony we did inside the church counted. for all intents and purposes, our beach ceremony was also technically a vow renewal ceremony, but most of our guests had no idea we had even been to the church earlier in the day.

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