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Guest/OOT Bags - what did you put in them?

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We are putting together our guest bags for the DW


So far I have:


Surfboard bookmarks,

sticky notes,

playing cards (deck of cards)


What else should I put in them?


What did you include and WHERE did you get the stuff?


I was thinking immodium, is that weird? Where do I get small travel sized ones?


Please help with ideas!

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My bags will have:

sunscreen (target .99)

aloe (Harmon .99)

beachy notepad w/ magnet (Michaels .50)

pens (walgreens .50 for 6)

puzzle book (target 1.00)

OFF Wipes (Harmon 4.00 for 12)

Immodium (target)

Pepto (target)

Motrin (harmon 3pack for .99)

First Aid kit (Harmon .99)

Glow braclet (Michaels 1.00 for 15)

2009 calendar (michaels 1.00)

Spanish for Dummies (ebay 1.92 ea.)

tissues (ocean state job lot .30)

fuzzy socks for the women (ebay 2.00ea)


I am also going to add one more thing~ deciding between stadium cup, koozie, key chain, luggage tag or frisbees.


Oh, and the immodium and pepto I bought are pills/ chewables in perforated packages so that I can separate them for each bag.

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