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Sandals Signature Wedding Package

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Hey Ladies!


I am getting married at the Grande St. Lucian in May ans was wandering if any of ya'll added the signature wedding package. It looks really beautiful and just wanted to get some opinions.



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I'm a Beaches Negril bride and how much I love all the Preston stuff, I am in no way going to be shelling out the money for his deisgns, plus some of them are just too much for me.


So here has been my trade off to that... I sent down a bunch of pics to our Miami planner and she came back with pricing on what I liked. Look around all the boards and google for arbors/arches and then send them over to your planner. You can make it to your standards. I saved over 3k for all my stuff compared to the PB packages.

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Hi Ladies!


Sorry that I haven't been around much to answer questions! When I went to Jamica in April and met with all of the Wedding coordinators the one thing that was stresed over and over is that they really want to work with the brides on making the wedding what they envision! So definately send pics and descriptions and se what they can come up with for prices!

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I am getting married at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian in September. Because my FI and I wanted an evening wedding, we opted for Preston Baileys Sunset Caribbean Wedding. Otherwise, our only choices for ceremony times were 9am, 10am and 12pm. Too hot.


But yes, I do agree that $120 per person at an AI resort PLUS an additional $1000 for two tables is a bit much. Hopefully, everything will be perfect! We shall see. I will update once it is all said and done!

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