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  1. I was told its totally legal as well. I have been told that all the documents need to be hand carried on the island. I'm getting married in St. Lucia so I'm not sure if that's the case with Jamaica.
  2. Thank you for the post! I'm getting married at the Grande May 2nd and have to say I have been pretty disappointed with my WC in Miami. It seems that it takes her forever to get back to me and she always seems a little ticked because I havent really paid for much yet. Its hard to pay for a lot of this stuff now without even looking at pics of the flowers, etc....Its great to know that the real planning will occur when we get to the resort. :-) Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I spoke with my wedding consultant and she said that if you want to do a reception, you have a couple of different options. We are going with an hour reception with cocktails and appetizers. Its $25.00 a person, including myself and the groom. It looked like the best deal. A sit down dinner would be nice, but we were planning on just having a dinner together with everyone at one of the restaurants. BTW, we are getting married at the Grande St. Lucian in St. Lucia. I looked at all the Sandals resorts, and they all look beautiful. I think wherever you choose, it will be beautiful!
  4. Thanks Bridget! I just found some amazing picutures. What a great resource!
  5. Hi Ladies, I was wandering if anyone had any pics of the resort. I have seen all of the ones on the Sandals website and was just wandering if someone had anything else. It would be great to have more pics to share with friends and family. Thank you!! :-)
  6. Thanks Jennifer. I am send some pics to my wedding consultant. They have been very helpful so far! :-D We are getting married at the Grande St. Lucian. Did you by any chance have the opportunity to see them set up for a wedding?
  7. Bridget, you looked georgeous! The information was great! I am getting married at the Sandals in St. Lucia and now I am even more excited, if that's possible! Thanks againg for the great info! :-D Congratulations
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I agree with all of you, the PB stuff is nice, but wayt out of our budget. I just sent an email to my WC so I will keep ya'll posted.
  9. Hey Ladies! I am getting married at the Grande St. Lucian in May ans was wandering if any of ya'll added the signature wedding package. It looks really beautiful and just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks!
  10. Tracie09

    St. Lucia!!

    Thank you for all the warm welcomes! Its wonderful to meet everyone!
  11. Tracie09

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Mindy, Check into Sandals. They have beautiful resorts and is fairly reasonable priced. We booked our wedding at the Grande St. Lucian and are very excited about it. :-D The basic wedding package is free and then you can add things that you want. Hope this helps. Tracie
  12. Tracie09

    St. Lucia!!

    Hi Ladies, My name is Tracie and I am brand new to BDW. :-D My fiance Kevin and I are getting married May 2nd, 2009 at Sandals Grande St Lucian. We are soooo excited about the big day. :-D I look forward to getting to know you guys and finding out lots of great information. My friend Michelle just got married in Cabo and she said BDW was the best resource ever! :-D Look forward to hearing from everyone.